Lattice ORAN™ Solution Stack

Secure, Synchronized, and Low Power ORAN Deployment

The Lattice ORAN solution stack enables ORAN deployment by providing solutions for robust security (encryption, authentication, root-of-trust ), flexible fronthaul synchronization (ORAN functional split options, IEEE 1588, eCPRI, TSN ), and low power hardware acceleration for functions such as MACsec/IPsec, and 5G-ORAN small cell. These are all needed as the wireless network converges to a new paradigm of Software Defined Networking (SDN) and disaggregation.

The first offering of the stack will address the growing security threats that SDN and massive disaggregation expose. In this environment it becomes vital to secure all aspects of the platform design to prevent network down time and compromising sensitive proprietary data. The Lattice ORAN solution stack provides encryption and authentication functions over the PCIe interface enabling a secure path for all commands and messages traversing this interface. In addition, it will provide protection for out-of-band communications over PCIe, SMBus, and I2C.

The Lattice ORAN incorporates a hardware platform, security IP blocks, easy to use FPGA and Lattice Propel™ and Lattice Radiant® software design tools, reference design and demonstrations as well as custom design services as required.

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System Architecture

The Lattice ORAN Stack solution system architecture and initial reference design is depicted below. The Lattice Propel RISC-V processor-based subsystem combined with HW crypto acceleration enables flexible, low power and high performance support for securing the PCI Express lanes and authenticating components within an ORAN system. Lattice and design services partners are also available to provide customization to enable support of other configurations.

Lattice ORAN Solution Stack System Architecture


Securing PCIe Interface in ORAN System

  • Sign and encrypt
  • Decrypt and authenticate
  • Zero trust security model

Reference Designs

Lattice ORAN™ Control Reference Design

Reference Design

Lattice ORAN™ Control Reference Design

Lattice ORAN enable secure out-of-band communication over I3C/SMBus/I2C/PCIe and provide crypto-256 and Crypto-384 services to customers through software APIs.
Lattice ORAN™ Control Reference Design

Development Kits & Boards

CertusPro-NX Versa Board


CertusPro-NX Versa Board

CertusPro-NX Versa Board supports a wide range industry standards such as MIPI, SFP+, 10 GbE, LPDDR4 and PCIe (Gen3) for rapid prototyping and testing.
CertusPro-NX Versa Board


Lattice ORAN™ Control Demonstration


Lattice ORAN™ Control Demonstration

Lattice ORAN provides packet authentication, encryption and decryption and support SPDM protocol over MCTP.
Lattice ORAN™ Control Demonstration

Software Tools

Lattice RadiantLattice Propel


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Bringing Security to 5G ORAN Deployments
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