Corporate Stewardship at Lattice

Committed to Actively Managing Our Environmental, Social, and Governance Impacts

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We know that even the smallest things can make a big impact and are committed to actively managing our environmental, social, and governance practices across all aspects of our business.

Creating a Sustainably Connected World

As the low power programmable leader, sustainability is a core guiding principle for product innovation at Lattice. Our field programmable gate arrays (FPGAs) lead the industry in power efficiency and small package size, helping us create a more sustainably connected world by enabling our 10,000+ customers around the world to reduce system power consumption and physical footprint, without sacrificing performance.

Our products help power some of the most important technology applications of the next decade and beyond, including AI and machine learning, 5G telecommunications infrastructure, smart cars, industrial automation, robotics, and security. Our ability to intersect them with lower power, smaller size, and a lifetime of reprogrammability has the potential to result in an incredible amount of energy and e-waste reduction for future generations of enterprise and consumer technology.

In addition to our focus on sustainability-minded product innovation, we understand that creating a more sustainably connected world requires us to commit to examining and optimizing all parts of our business. This includes everything from how we treat and motivate our employees, how we engage with our customers, how we select our partners, our operational environmental impact, and setting and holding ourselves accountable to high standards.

Our Commitments 

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We prioritize environmental consciousness across our product development, our physical footprint, and our supply chain partnerships.

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We foster a collaborative, diverse, inclusive, and innovative work environment and invest in giving back to our local communities.

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We hold ourselves to the highest ethical standards, following applicable laws and best practices with transparency and integrity.

Key Highlights 

~38000 Homes Per Year

Could be powered based on the energy savings our customers gain by choosing Lattice FPGAs.

18% Energy Use Reduction

Achieved at company headquarters between 2020 and 2022.

38 Percent Lower Turnover

Lattice employee turnover is 38% lower than the industry average.

38% Female Board of Directors

Lattice has actively increased the diversity of our Board, leadership team, and across the company.

Awards & Recognition

Lattice ranks alongside other companies dedicated to innovation and sustainable excellence.

GSA Most Respected Award  GSA Best Financially Managed  TWP Technology Award 2023  E+E Leadership Award 2023  TWP Oregon Award 2023  Global Infosec Award 2023  Cybersecurity Breakthrough Award 2023  SEAL 2023 Award Winner  Edison Awards 2023 Winner  2023 Fortress Cyber Security Award 
2023 Cybersecurity Award Gold Winner  2023 Cybersecurity Awards Silver Winner  Globee Cybersecurity Award Grand Winner  Globee Cybersecurity Award Gold Winner  2022 GSA Award Winner  2022 GSA Award Winner  SEAL 2022 Award Winner  2022 CES Logo  2022 Sustainability award logo  2022 VDC Award 
Cyber Security  Lattice Wins Global InfoSec Award with its Sentry Solution Stack at the RSA Conference 2022   Lattice Wins Back-to-Back 2022 Fortress Cyber Security Awards  Lattice Wins Back-to-Back Cyber Security Global Excellence Awards   Silver Winner Cyber Security Global Excellence Awards  2021 GSA Awards  SEAL 2021 Award  Sustainability Award  GSA Award

Learn More 

To learn more about Lattice’s commitment to actively managing our environmental, social, and governance practices across all aspects of our business, please visit:

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