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We are all about connection, with our customers and each other. We foster a collaborative, diverse, inclusive, and innovative work environment and invest in giving back to our local communities.

Our Focus  

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Our People

We have a talented, diverse global team that is passionate about delivering innovative low power FPGAs to our customers and the world.

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Our Communities

We are active in the communities in which we operate through company-sponsored volunteerism, programs, and investments.

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Our Culture

We foster a culture of innovation where our values guide how we work with each other and with our customers and partners.

Our People  

We provide a collaborative, diverse, inclusive, and innovative work environment, competitive compensation, and recognition to give our employees the opportunity to grow.

Global Workforce Overview

  • Lattice stands out with a passionate and loyal global workforce that is committed to growing and winning together.
  • Lattice’s global voluntary turnover rate is 33% lower than peer competitors in the technology industry, which reflects strong employee engagement.

2022 Employee Data 2022 Average Tenure Attrition 2022 Total Rewards

Total Rewards

  • We support our employees with competitive benefits, including compensation, paid time off, health and wellness programs, worksite amenities, and more.
  • As part of Lattice’s annual salary review process, employees have an opportunity to receive merit increases to reward performance and remain competitive relative to local labor markets.
  • To motivate performance and share in Lattice’s success, all Lattice employees participate in a variable pay plan. Non-sales employees participate in Lattice’s Corporate Incentive Plan, which rewards employees when Lattice meets and exceeds its goals on revenue, operating income, and key strategic and ESG-related business objectives. The Corporate Incentive Plan financial and strategic objective metrics are set and assessed annually by our Board of Directors Compensation Committee.
  • To promote an ownership mentality among employees and to allow them to share in Lattice’s success, we offer Restricted Stock Unit (RSU) shares to employees annually. In 2022, Lattice enhanced the participation rate in this program, from approximately 70% of employees, to more than 90% of employees receiving RSUs annually. We also offer an Employee Stock Purchase Plan (ESPP) that allows employees to purchase Lattice stock at a discounted price.
  • All employees are eligible for promotions to recognize great performances and support career advancement. Each year, more than 10% of Lattice employees receive a promotion.
  • Lattice avails its employees to wellness programs through its health insurance providers to promote wellness and healthy lifestyle, with assistance on topics such as exercise, weight management, parent support, and mental health resilience.
  • Consistent with the UN Global Compact corporate sustainability initiative, Lattice supports and provides a living wage for all employees. We believe promoting and providing a living wage as an essential aspect of decent work to ensure all workers, families, and communities can live in dignity.

Employee Engagement

  • We regularly conduct worldwide and location-specific employee surveys to gauge overall satisfaction and collect employee input to help guide decision making, with high response and favorability ratings. In 2022, Lattice’s employee engagement survey revealed an 80% favorable employee engagement score, which was 43% higher than the industry benchmark.
  • As part of our annual performance review process, Lattice employees engage with their managers to review performance and align on performance highlights, areas of improvement, and demonstration of company values.
  • We emphasize and enable continuous employee education ranging from informal, employee-led tutorials specific to their individual areas of expertise to formal courses on diversity and inclusion, network and cybersecurity safety, and more. We also offer tuition reimbursement benefits as a part of our total compensation package.
  • As part of our efforts to support our workforce during the COVID-19 pandemic and beyond, we adopted a hybrid workforce plan, which mixes in-office and remote work to offer flexibility and support to our employees. We believe that this approach allows our employees to enjoy more autonomy and better work-life balance – and are more engaged as a result.

Management/Leadership Development

  • As part of Lattice’s leadership development efforts:
    • Lattice’s Executive Leadership Team supports the Lattice Leadership Forum through monthly virtual meetings and an annual face-to-face meeting. The Leadership Forum is comprised of senior level managers and is dedicated to regular information sharing, cross-organizational networking, and regular exposure to Lattice executives.
    • Lattice continued its successful Employee Learning Series in 2022, which provides employees with regular opportunities to hear guest speakers on various contemporary technical and business strategy topics.
    • Lattice conducts an annual executive succession planning process to help ensure business continuity and sustainability in the case of executive turnover, and to identify and provide leadership training and experiential development opportunities to high-potential Lattice leaders.
2022 Employee Survey Results 

Our Communities

We give back where we work and live by partnering with leading organizations around the globe to help create a more sustainable, inclusive, and connected world.

Employee Volunteerism

  • Lattice employees donate their time to a variety of causes throughout the year, including:
    • Host an annual Albertina Kerr Giving Tree for disabled adults and children.
    • Participate in tree planting in local communities in which we operate.
    • Build playhouses with Habitat for Humanity.
    • Team with local food banks.

Habitat for  Humanity Volunteer    Second Harvest Volunteer

Donation Programs

  • Lattice and our employees coordinate and participate in a variety of giving programs to help those in need:
    • Drive donations to Bahay Aruga shelter for minors experiencing homelessness.
    • Donate to local food banks.
    • Participate in local fundraisers, like the “Run the with Love” race in Shanghai, China.
    • Facilitate regular blood donations in collaboration with the Red Cross.
    • Host a virtual back-to-school drive for Bay Area youth in partnership with the Family Giving Tree

Red Cross Volunteer     Oregon Food Bank Volunteer    Family Giving Tree Logo

  • Community actions taken during the COVID-19 pandemic:
    • Made COVID-19 PPE donations to frontline medical workers.
    • In lieu of in-person volunteerism during the pandemic, Lattice provided monetary support to help fight the spread of the virus and to protect and support those most at risk.

Our Culture

We foster a work environment where everyone has a voice, feels respected, is empowered to make decisions, and sees the impact of their work on our overall success and that of our customers.

Our Values

  • Our values guide how we work with each other and with our customers and partners:
    • Agile – We act with smart, adaptive responsiveness.
    • Bold – We aim high, pushing ourselves to do more than what’s expected.
    • Innovation – We challenge normal ways of thinking to achieve breakthrough creativity.
    • Collaboration – We proactively and transparently work together to achieve our goals.
    • Integrity - We are honest and accountable in all we do.
  • These values combine with our company Code of Conduct, a Whistleblower Hotline, and an Insider Trading Policy to ensure each employee is equipped to take responsibility for ensuring we uphold the highest ethical standards at all times. These efforts are directly overseen by Lattice’s Executive Leadership Team and Lattice’s Board of Directors Audit Committee.
Lattice Values

Freedom of Association

  • Lattice supports freedom of association for its employees, consistent with the United Nations Universal Declaration of Human Rights. These efforts are directly overseen by Lattice’s Executive Leadership Team and our Board of Directors. We do not currently have any entities or employees subject to a collective bargaining arrangement.

Inclusion and Diversity

Female Executive Team and Board

  • We believe that inclusion and diversity are valuable elements of an effective workforce at all levels and are key enablers of innovation. We are committed to:
    • Creating and sustaining a respectful and inclusive environment and culture to support the retention of a diverse workforce.
    • Attracting and recruiting from a diverse pool of candidates and focusing on identifying and leveraging the most effective sources for qualified talent.
    • Aligning diversity with human resources practices, including integration with business planning and operations.
    • Assuring representation of the diversity of the company in internal and external communications.
  • We joined other industry leaders in publicly committing to increasing female representation and inclusion in the industry as a signatory of the Global Semiconductor Association (GSA) Women’s Leadership Initiative (WLI) Pledge.
  • We have actively increased the diversity of our Board, our executive leadership team, and across the company, and have instituted diversity guidelines as a part of our formal governance principles.
  • To provide a professional and supportive work environment for the Company’s employees, contractors, and visitors, Lattice has a strict non-discrimination and non-harassment policy that all employees are subject to. Please visit our careers page for more information.
  • All Lattice employees undergo mandatory diversity and inclusion training annually.
  • Lattice people managers receive regular training on unconscious bias.
  • Applications from all qualified candidates receive consideration for employment without regard to race, color, religion, sex, sexual orientation, gender identity, genetic information, national origin, physical or mental disability, or status as a Protected Veteran.
  • In addition to fostering a diverse workforce, we are committed to developing artificial intelligence technology with ethical and fair considerations for a variety of factors, including gender, ethnicity, and age.

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To learn more about Lattice’s commitment to actively managing our environmental, social, and governance practices across all aspects of our business, please visit:

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