Commitment to Transparency and Integrity

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We hold our employees, officers, and Board members to the highest standards and settle for nothing less than accountable transparency and integrity in all we do.

Our Focus  

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Governance Principles

We develop our corporate governance policies in the best interests of the Company and our shareholders.

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Ethical Standards

We adhere to and encourage the highest ethical conduct amongst our employees, officers, and Board.

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Continuous Improvement

We commit to constantly looking for the best ways to deliver positive impacts through our ESG efforts.

Governance Principles

Our Board of Directors is committed to representing the interests of all our stakeholders and is held to a strict set of principles that align with ESG best practices.

Lattice Formal Governance Principles

Independence Selection & Separation Continuous Improvement Incentives & Alignment Other Governance Items
  • Board independence / Independent Chair
  • Separate Chair and CEO roles
  • Authorization to retain independent advisors
  • Annual director election (non-staggered Board)
  • Director tenure consideration and age limits (75 years of age)
  • Valued diversity of viewpoints, experiences and backgrounds
  • Over-boarding limits
  • Resignation policies (Director resignation offered on no majority vote and change in employment)
  • Annual Board, committee, and CEO assessments
  • Continuing Director education
  • Regular refreshment of Company Governance documents including Bylaws, Governance Policies, Committee Charters, and Code of Conduct
  • Director stock ownership guidelines (5X annual base retainer)
  • CEO stock ownership guidelines (3X annual base salary)
  • Sec. 16 executives stock ownership guidelines (2X annual base salary)
  • Executive compensation claw back policy
  • Over 96% stockholder support for proxy say on pay proposal
  • Majority vote election standard
  • Regular Board meetings and executive sessions
  • CEO succession planning
  • No poison pill

Lattice Board of Directors
Lattice Corporate Management

Ethical Standards

Integrity and ethical behavior are hallmarks of our corporate culture and business conduct. We strive to act ethically in all our dealings, and to be respectful of others, and responsible in our actions.

Code of Conduct

  • Lattice’s Code of Conduct reflects our commitment to honest and ethical business practices and provides standards and guidelines of conduct for Lattice employees, officers, and Board members, including:
    • Ethical business conduct
    • Compliance with laws
    • Avoidance of conflicts of interest
    • The maintenance of a workplace free of discrimination and harassment
  • In August 2022, the Board of Directors approved a revised Code of Conduct, which provides greater guidance on how to handle ethical business decisions and enhances the Code of Conduct provisions related to antitrust, conflicts of interest, improper conduct and activities, and public disclosures. In addition, Lattice provides annual Code of Conduct training. In 2023, we added training modules related to Environmental Health and Safety, and Modern Slavery and Human Trafficking.
  • Lattice’s Board of Directors adopted its current Human Rights Policy that was issued in 2023.
  • Integrity is built into our DNA as a core pillar of our company values that guide how we work together and with our customers and partners, keeping us honest and accountable in all we do.
Lattice Values

Whistleblower Program

  • Any person who feels that our conduct does not meet the guidelines in our Code of Conduct can anonymously contact our Legal Department and Audit Committee Whistleblower Hotline.
  • Lattice prohibits reprisal, threats, retribution, or retaliation against any person who has in good faith reported a suspected violation of the Code of Code or who is assisting in any investigation related to such a violation.

Responsible Business Alliance Code of Conduct

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  • Lattice adheres to the Responsible Business Alliance (RBA) Code of Conduct which establishes:
    • Commitment to labor standards including freely chosen employment, limitations on young workers, appropriate working hours, compliant wages and benefits, humane treatment, non-discrimination, and freedom of association
    • Commitments to health and safety
    • Environmental safety standards
    • Ethical business conduct guidelines, including respect for intellectual property, fair business practices, responsible sourcing of materials, and privacy

Continuous Improvement

We know that meaningful progress requires ongoing focus and are committed to continuously looking for ways to further our ESG efforts for long-lasting impact.

ESG Steering Committee

  • A cross-functional group of our executive leadership team leads our ESG steering committee, ensuring commitment from the top across all programs and helping embed these principles into our day-to-day operations.
  • The steering committee reports to the Nominating and Governance Committee of the Board of Directors quarterly about our ESG efforts.
TWP Awards 2023

Best Practice Monitoring

SEAL Awards 
  • We regularly evaluate our governance practices against the recommendations of Institutional Shareholder Services, Glass-Lewis, the BlackRock Investment Stewardship Guidelines, and the governance recommendations of other institutional investors.
  • We conduct bi-annual outreach to our shareholders to solicit governance input.
  • Our commitment to aligning with best practices also permeates our Environmental and Social policies and practices.

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