Lattice Diamond Software

FPGA Design, Meet Easy.

Easy Design Exploration – Finding the best solutions often requires evaluating multiple solutions. Lattice Diamond allows for easy design exploration.

Easy to Use Powerful Tools – Adapting to a new tool is often difficult. Lattice Diamond employs familiar easy to use tools and methodologies that make common tasks easier.

Optimized for Lattice Devices – Lattice Diamond offers an optimized and tailored design and verification environment for Lattice FPGAs featuring extensive constraints, advanced optimization, accurate analysis, extensive verification, and fast iterations.


  • Complete GUI based FPGA design and verification environment.
  • Design exploration with multiple implementations and optimization strategies within a single project.
  • Graphical environment timing and power analysis.

Getting Started

  1. Download Software Below - Windows / Linux
  2. Install: follow the installation guide, found in Documents section below.
  3. License: determine which license type you need, then request it on our licensing page via the button below.

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Base & SP Downloads

Windows OSWindows

The Diamond Base and Service Pack (SP) executables contains all of the design tools and features for you to use Lattice FPGAs from design entry to bitstream download. The supported Windows Operating System is Windows 10 64-bit.

Package Operating System Version Date Format Size
Lattice Diamond Windows 64-bit 3.12 12/8/2020 ZIP 1.6 GB

Linux OSLinux

The Diamond Base and Service Pack (SP) executables contains all of the design tools and features for you to use Lattice FPGAs from design entry to bitstream download. The supported Linux Operating Systems are Red Hat Enterprise Linux 6 or 7 64-bit.

Package Operating System Version Date Format Size
Lattice Diamond Linux 64-bit 3.12 12/8/2020 RPM 1.8 GB

Software Downloads & Documentation

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Diamond can be used with either a free license or a subscription license. The generated license file is an annual license and needs to be regenerated after a year by following the process below.

Read Licensing FAQ

Diamond Software Free License

The Lattice Diamond software offers leading-edge design and implementation tools optimized for our low-power FPGA architectures. The free license enables users to design and evaluate the performance of non-SERDES based Diamond supported devices.

Request Node-locked License

Request Floating License

Diamond Software Subscription License

Design exploration made easy. The full subscription license enables users to design and optimize solutions for all Diamond supported devices, without resorting to workarounds. Implementations can be executed in parallel on multi-core machines to enable you to find the best solution faster.

Buy / Renew License

MachXO3D Security Features Enablement in Lattice Diamond

The following is needed to enable the MachXO3D security features:

  • Installation of the Encryption Pack (found in Downloadable Software of the Software Downloads & Documentation section above).
  • A Diamond Subscription license or a MachXO3D Security license.

Buy / Renew License

Device Support

Lattice Diamond Design Software

Device Support & Features Subscription License Free License
ECP5UM, ECP5UM5G Check Mark
LatticeECP3 Check Mark
LatticeECP2M/S, LatticeECP2/S Check Mark
LatticeSC, LatticeSCM Check Mark
Crosslink, CrosslinkPlus Check Mark Check Mark
ECP5U Check Mark Check Mark
LatticeECP2, LatticeEC Check Mark Check Mark
Mach-NX Check Mark Check Mark
MachXO3D, MachXO3L/LF Check Mark Check Mark
MachXO2, MachXO Check Mark Check Mark
LatticeXP2, LatticeXP Check Mark Check Mark
Platform Manager 2, Platform Manager Check Mark Check Mark
iCE40 UltraPlus

iCE40 LP/HX/LM, iCE40 Ultra/UltraLite, iCE40 UltraPlus

ispMACH 4000, ispMACH 4A3, ispMACH 4A5, ispMach 5000VG

ispGDX, ispGDX2

ispLSI 1K, ispLSI 2K, ispLSI 5000VG


Third-Party Software
Mentor ModelSim® Lattice FPGA Edition Check Mark Check Mark
Synopsys Synplify-Pro-E Check Mark Check Mark
Operating System
Windows Windows 10 Windows 10
Linux RHEL 6
License Period 1 Year 1 Year
License Type Node-Locked or Floating Node-Locked or Floating
Ordering Part Number LSC-SW-NL (Node-locked)
LSC-SW-FL (Floating)
LSC-SW-NL-R (Node-locked Renewal)
LSC-SW-FL-R (Floating Renewed)

  Buy / Renew License Request Node-locked License
Request Floating License

Purchase/Renew Diamond License

The full Diamond license enables users to design and optimize solutions for all Diamond supported devices.

To purchase or renew a Software license, please go to the Online Store or contact a local sales representative or distributor.

If you have purchased a Software license and received a Software Serial Number, please go to our Subscription licensing form.

Feature List

  • Easy-to-Use Design Entry, Planning, & Implementation
    • Familiar FPGA design flows and functions.
    • Intuitive HDL text editor supporting VHDL, Verilog, EDIF, and Lattice Preference Language keywords.
    • Spreadsheet, Floorplan, and Package views for easy design constraint (pin assignments, clock constraints, global preferences, timing preferences, placement constraints, etc…) entry.
    • Simulation Wizard for easy simulation setup.
    • Full Tcl Scripting Support.
  • Powerful Optimization
    • Lattice Synthesis Engine (LSE): integrated logic-synthesis tool designed specifically optimized for Lattice FPGAs.
    • Easy design exploration with multiple implementations in a single project.
    • Multiple built-in implementation strategies for easy timing closure.
  • IP Re-Use
    • Clarity Design and IPexpress offer an integrated interface to the Lattice catalog of functional modules, reference designs, and intellectual property (IP).
  • Accurate Analysis
    • Drag-and-Drop support for setting constraints.
    • Graphical Timing Analysis environment.
    • Integrated Graphical Netlist and Physical Analysis tools to cross-probe between logic results (pre- and post-synthesis) and physical results (placement and routing).
    • ECO Editor provides quick access to adjust IO settings, PLL parameters, and memory initialization without having to recompile.
    • Graphical Power Calculator.
    • Reveal Inserter for easy insertion of embedded logic analyzer debug hardware to perform real-time analysis.
    • Reveal Analyzer allows multi-event triggering which can be controlled dynamically at run-time with an integrated waveform for displaying captured events from the target FPGA.
  • Third Party Tools
    • Synthesis: Synopsys Synplify Pro
    • Simulation: Mentor ModelSim Lattice Edition

Click here to see an Overview of all Features and Key Concepts related to Diamond

Version History

Click here to see all Diamond Version History.


Lattice Diamond design software offers leading-edge design and implementation tools optimized for cost sensitive, low-power Lattice FPGA architectures. The videos below include an overview of new features in Diamond along with several key improvements and changes in specific areas from earlier software environments. Click on the video links to download an MP4 file which you can then play in your video player of choice.

Available Videos
Video Title Time Size Abstract
Diamond Overview 14:48 28MB Lattice Diamond software includes many new features. This video overview briefly covers several new features and abilities such as the new user interface, design flow, and several tool views that are available.
Diamond Installation Overview 4:00 17MB Preview of step by step installation process of Lattice Diamond software
Diamond Licensing Overview 7:31 30MB Instructional video on obtaining license and installation
Setting up a Floating License Tutorial 5:43 25.4MB Instructional Video on how to setup a floating license on a server and how to setup environment variables on a client machine in order to access the server license.
Diamond Key Concepts 10:25 21MB Lattice Diamond software includes several new key concepts. This video discusses the structure of Diamond projects and the use of implementations, strategies, and folders within projects. Additionally the video discusses shared design memory use, and context sensitive views.
Diamond Importing from ispLEVER 4:47 10MB Lattice Diamond software uses a different project structure than the previous ispLEVER software. This video describes how to import an ispLEVER project into Diamond.
Diamond Design Flow Changes 8:23 16MB Lattice Diamond software features a similar design flow to previous software with some changes and enhancements. This video describes the design process flow and the use of the Process view, File List view, and Run Manager view.
Diamond Timing Analysis Overview 9:36 21MB Lattice Diamond software includes a new Timing Analyzer View that provides a rich graphical interface to viewing timing constraint paths, reports, and schematics. Additionally, the ability to change timing constraints and directly run a timing analysis without re-implementing the design significantly speeds the timing closure process. This video describes the management of the Timing Analyzer files, the new Timing Analyzer UI, and how to make timing constraint changes and generate new timing results.
Diamond Power Calculator 5:06 13MB Lattice Diamond software includes an improved Power Calculator view. A new feature is the ability to manage power project files (PCF) directly in the File List view. This video describes the management of the Power Calculator files and the behavior of the Power Calculator view.
Diamond Reveal Hardware Debugger 8:09 14MB Lattice Diamond software includes improved Reveal Inserter and Reveal Analyzer views for hardware debugging. The Reveal Analyzer view features a streamlined interface including an updated waveform display featuring multiple cursors and rubber banding for measurements. This video describes the management of the Reveal debug files and the new Reveal Analyzer waveform changes.
Diamond Simulation Flow 6:37 11MB Lattice Diamond software includes changes to projects that support multi-file simulation testbenches and allow different models for simulation or synthesis for a single module. The Simulation Wizard has been enhanced to parse for the simulation top and to pass this information and other options directly to a simulator. This video describes the simulation features provided with the software and their basic usage.
Diamond Tcl Scripting Support 2:41 5MB Lattice Diamond software includes new Tcl dictionaries that provide the ability to script the design flow and several key views. This video describes the available Tcl dictionaries and how to run Tcl commands from the UI or the Tcl console.
Diamond Programmer 4:17 6MB Lattice Diamond software includes Programmer that provides the ability to directly program one or multiple FPGA devices on the same scan chain. This video describes how to use it from the UI or outside of DIamond.
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