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Simplify control logic, security, and power and thermal management

First-On, Last-Off Control PLD Solutions for Boards – Non-volatile, instant-on, lowest cost per I/O, feature-rich MachXO3 FPGA family offers a wide range of single, dual, quadruple and 8-socket CPU boards for server, storage, and networking systems. MachXO2/3 devices are the first devices to power-on the board and orchestrate the power delivery to all devices. These devices also integrate multiple control busses on the board such as SPI, I2C, SGPIO and reduce the number of pins needed on PCH and BMC.

Small Form-Factor, Low-Cost Options for Integrating I2C buffers, Glue Logic and Level Translators – MachXO2 products, available in TQFP and QFN packages, provide the lowest-cost-to-manufacture options for auto-configure HDD, SSD and NVMe drives in hot swappable appliance backplanes. These devices also reduce the number of pins on the connector, while simplifying the interface to monitor and control drives on the backplane. MachXO2 QFN packages integrate level translating I2C buffers between CPU and DDR memories, as well as GTL transceivers.

Reduce Telemetry and CPLD Cost, Routing Congestion and BOM – Integrate voltage, current and temperature monitoring and measurement functions of hardware management logic using L-ASC10. In addition, the real-time fault logging capability simplifies hardware debug. The L-ASC10 device reduces overall cost of the board by freeing up the number of I/Os on the main control PLD, which in turn are used for integrating multiple ICs, such as I2C buffers.

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Block Diagram

Rack Optimized Server

  • Control PLD
  • Interposer Controller for HDD/NVMe
  • Host Bus Adapter Controller
  • Control PLD and ASC
  • BIOS, BMC Firmware Validation
  • LPC to SPI Bridge for TPM in China on Purley Reference Design
  • Various Riser Cards
  • I2C Buffer Between CPU & DDR

Example Solutions

Control PLD

  • Power and reset sequencing, thermal management
  • Out-of-band signaling aggregation including 1V signals from CPU
  • Glue logic (SPI, I2C, UART, GPIO, SGPIO, fan controller, debug port, JTAG Mux, etc.)
  • Modify algorithms without power-cycling using hitless updates

Hot Swappable HDD/FD/ NVMe Drive Backplane Controller

  • Auto selection of control port from I2C, SGPIO between HDD/FD/NVMe drives
  • Scalable solution from 2 drives to 24 drives
  • Automatic color LED/ monochrome LED drive support
  • On-chip Flash and EBR for FRU data store

Host Bus Adapter Logic Integration

  • Integrate SGPIO and other out-of-band signaling
  • Power/reset sequencing and other control PLD functions, fast supply fault detect, initiate status save
  • On-chip Flash for fault logging, LED drives
  • In-system update through I2C with hitless I/O support

ASC to Control PLD

  • Reduce the number of I2C buffers/Mux
  • No external ADC needed
  • Reduce the number of temperature sense ICs
  • Reliable power-down sequencing
  • Reduced circuit board congestion

BIOS and BMC Firmware Authentication

  • Hardware root-of-trust security
  • Validates the BIOS and BMC firmware using elliptic curve signature authentication
  • Manages automatic golden image switchover in the case of compromised active image
  • Incorruptible in-system

LPC to SPI Bridge for TPM

  • Bridge between a single PCH interface and multiple TPM module interface
  • Compatible with wide range of operating frequencies at ingress and egress ports

I2C Buffer Integration

  • Multiple I2C buffers (PCA9617) for voltage level translation (CPU 1.05V to DDR4 1.2V)
  • Level translation for out-of-band 1V I/O signals from CPU
  • Multiple I2C Muxes
  • Multiple I2C GPIOs


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