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How can user achieve the Standby current stated in the Datasheet for iCE40 devices? 5051 iCE40 faq Architecture Power
What maximum bandwidth can the DDR3 PHY IP provide? 5050 LatticeECP3 faq Lattice IP/Reference Design DDR3 PHY
What is the reason why the users get this error message "ERROR- Par:Unable to reach a... 5049 LatticeECP5 faq Architecture PLL/DLL/Clock Routing
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We have programmed the iCE40 NVCM, can we re-program it? 5046 iCE40 faq Architecture
What is the default configuration of the iCE40 pins? 5044 iCE40 faq Architecture IO
How can the iCE40 devices be programmed using a microcontroller? 5043 iCE40 faq Device Programming Configuration/Programming
Can the iCE40 SPI configuration port be used as GPIO? 5042 iCE40 faq Architecture IO
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