Product Services

Deploying new products often entails extra customization for manufacturing and production that could slow down the productivity and lower the reliability of the end product. Lattice Customization Services enable optimization of the overall supplychain while maintaining product reliability, integrity and warranty. These services include a range of flexible offerings provided by skilled experts at our factories. Key services include:

  • Custom Programming
  • Custom Tape & Reel Packaging
  • Custom Top Mark

Lattice has been providing customization services for over a decade with over 20M customized products shipped annually. Product customization services are supported on most FPGA products with details available from Lattice’s field sales team.


Streamlined Program and test flow – Lattice high volume test infrastructure programs and tests devices at one operation resulting in shorter lead times and ensuring end-product integrity and reliability.

Established, regularly audited flow with consistent supply chain management ensures consistent high quality product performance.

Seamless support for password protected, encrypted bitstream programming in a highly secure supply chain enables IP protection.

Lattice manufacturing facilities are ISO 9001 / TS 16949 / ISO 14000 certified to provide high quality services to meet customer requirements. Lattice provides complete traceability and documentation throughout the process.

For more information, contact sales.