Lattice ORAN Timing and Synchronization Kit

ORAN 1.1 demo board featuring IEEE 1588 Precision Timing Protocol (PTP)

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Lattice ORAN 1.1 solution stack is an ORAN reference design compliant to IEEE 1588-2019, ITU-T G8265.1 (Frequency Sync), ITU-T G8275.1 (Phase/time Sync with full network support), ITU-T G8275.2 (Phase/time Sync with partial network support Sync), and IEEE 802.1AS-gPTP (Time Sensitive Network) with built in security by mutual authentication.

The Lattice ORAN Timing and Synchronization Kit offers 2x 10GE and 2x 1GE ports connected to SFP+ module cages, a Mezzanine board connector, SMA, and FMC connectors, GNSS and on-board timing sources as well as the ability to plug into a PCI-e server slot. This enables simple testing, demonstration, and developing new IEEE 1588 compliant secure synchronization applications.

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