MIPI Camera and Display Applications

Do you need a custom MIPI solution for your application? Lattice FPGAs deliver exactly that and more.

I/O Flexibility - Lattice FPGAs support numerous I/O standards providing the flexibility to support multiple MIPI interfaces. Use Lattice FPGAs for low cost, low power instant innovation.

Custom bridging solutions - Make your AP more flexible by creating innovative I/F bridge solutions. Lattice FPGAs enable instant innovation.

Design Resources for MIPI Solutions

CertusPro-NX Versa Board


CertusPro-NX Versa Board

CertusPro-NX Versa Board supports a wide range industry standards such as MIPI, SFP+, 10 GbE, LPDDR4 and PCIe (Gen3) for rapid prototyping and testing.
CertusPro-NX Versa Board
CSI-2/DSI D-PHY Receiver

IP Core

FPD-LINK Receiver

IP Core

FPD-LINK Receiver

Modular MIPI/D-PHY IP - Converts FPD-LINK Video Streams to Pixel Clock Domain
FPD-LINK Receiver


Quick Reference
Information Resources
MIPI DPHY DSI/CSI-2 Example Schematic
1.0 10/29/2013 PDF 72.6 KB
Enabling 3D Active Shutter Glasses
SB007 10/18/2012 PDF 406.5 KB
Enabling Wi-Fi Connectivity in Feature Phones
SB011 10/18/2012 PDF 369.1 KB
Intelligent Sensor Management
SB003 10/17/2012 PDF 509.4 KB
MIPI Battery Interface Using iCE40
I0224 4.0 10/26/2017 PDF 722.1 KB
Low-Cost Docking Stations for Mobile Devices
SB009 10/19/2012 PDF 767.1 KB
Common Analog Functions Using an iCE40 FPGA
SB012 10/17/2012 PDF 397.1 KB
Enabling Dual SIM Phones
SB006 10/17/2012 PDF 448 KB
Enabling the Nokia ECI for Smartphones
SB015 10/18/2012 PDF 336.2 KB
Enabling Low-Cost Displays for Digital Still Cameras
SB014 10/18/2012 PDF 645.4 KB
Consumer Solutions Brochure
I0222 6.0 10/24/2013 PDF 4.6 MB
Enabling Dual Displays in Digital Still Cameras
SB010 10/19/2012 PDF 381.5 KB
Sensor Expansion in Mobile Handsets
SB002 10/18/2012 PDF 437.7 KB
Sensor Expansion for Qualcomm MSM/QSD
SB001 10/18/2012 PDF 339.2 KB
Radio Expansion in Portable Navigation Devices
SB005 10/18/2012 PDF 979.6 KB
Sensor Mangement via MIPI SLIMbus
SB013 10/17/2012 PDF 520.9 KB
Video Scaling and Expansion in Media Tablets
SB004 10/18/2012 PDF 749.6 KB
An FPGA Companion in Smartphone Design
1.0 5/1/2012 PDF 550.2 KB
An FPGA Companion in Smartphone Design (Chinese Language Version)
1.0 5/31/2012 PDF 382.4 KB
New Approaches to Hardware Acceleration Using Ultra Low Density FPGAs
1.0 8/25/2013 PDF 397 KB
Solving Today's Interface Challenges With Ultra-Low-Density FPGA Bridging Solutions
1.0 8/8/2013 PDF 341.4 KB
Programmable Logic Devices in Mobile Handsets
1.0 6/1/2012 PDF 154.4 KB
Programmable Logic Devices in Handsets (Chinese Language Version)
1.0 5/31/2012 PDF 198.4 KB
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