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Say Hello to CertusPro-NX General Purpose FPGAs

Say Hello to CertusPro-NX General Purpose FPGAs

Posted 06/23/2021 by Juju Joyce

Lattice CertusPro-NX FPGAs outperform similar devices in data processing performance, system bandwidth, memory density, and support for small form factors.

Introducing the Lattice Automate Solution Stack

Introducing the Lattice Automate Solution Stack

Posted 05/11/2021 by Mark Hoopes

The Lattice Automate solution stack includes everything embedded systems designers require for accelerating industrial automation applications.

The FPGA Memory Connection Blog Image

The FPGA Memory Connection

Posted 04/07/2021 by Bob O’Donnell

Lattice and Micron have collaborated on a compatibility guide that clarifies which Micron memory SKUs work with different Lattice FPGAs.

Certus-NX Blog

Lattice Certus-NX: Reinventing the Low Power, General Purpose FPGA

Posted 06/24/2020 by Juju Joyce

Lattice Certus-NX FPGAs reinvent the general purpose, low power FPGA by delivering twice the I/O density per mm2 of similar competing FPGAs.

Consumer News from Lattice

Latest Consumer News from Lattice

Posted 05/13/2020 by Lattice Semiconductor

Read the latest consumer news from Lattice: CrossLink reference designs boost design options, CrossLink-NX: unmatched design versatility, Lattice mVision Solutions Stack accelerates embedded vision development.

Q2 2019 Industrial and Automotive Newsletter

Latest Industrial/ Automotive News from Lattice

Posted 01/28/2020 by Lattice Semiconductor

Read the latest industrial and automotive news from Lattice: CrossLink-NX FPGA brings benefits to Lattice Nexus Platform, Radiant 2.0 adds key enhancement.

CrossLink-NX Blog

Lattice CrossLink-NX FPGAs: Enabling Embedded Vision and AI to the Edge

Posted 12/10/2019 by PJ Chiang

There is growing interest among embedded vision developers in adding AI/ML technology to their designs to give them the intelligence needed to run applications like object counting or presence detection. However, supporting AI/ML in embedded vision applications can be challenging, particularly as embedded vision applications trend towards increasing complexity.

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