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VIP - Designing Embedded Vision: It’s That Easy

Designing Embedded Vision: It’s That Easy

Posted 05/24/2018 by Dirk Seidel

On the path for faster time-to market and reduced development time and cost, rapid prototyping is required for many electronic designs. To accomplish this task, designers need to reuse existing hardware and software building blocks. The emergence of vision technologies further complicates this path as many design engineers have experience in everything but embedded vision!

superMHL Hits Home

superMHL Hits Home

Posted 04/13/2016 by C.H. Chee

For several years now, the audio / video connector market has been fairly stable. If you want to connect a video source to a new monitor, you would use DisplayPort. If you want to connect home theater devices to your TV, HDMI® would be the obvious choice.

USB Type-C Alt Mode

Alternate Avenues – Using USB Type-C Alt Mode

Posted 03/15/2016 by Abdullah Raouf

Apple made it the only connector on the new MacBook. LG put it on the G5, their flagship phone. USB Type-C™ looks to be game-changer, with multiple optional features, such as the ability to support up to 10 Gbps of data, 100W of power, and UHD video in a small reversible connector the size of microUSB.

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