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Lattice Extends ORAN Solution Stack with Integrated 5G Small Cell Bridging Capabilities Enabling Next Gen Wireless Infrastructure

Unlocking 5G's Potential with Lattice ORAN™ Small Cell Solution

Posted 02/26/2024 by Mamta Gupta, Director of Comms and Security Segment Marketing

5G technology is set to revolutionize the digital world with its core promises of ultra-high speeds, extremely low latency, and the capacity to connect a massive number of devices simultaneously. Today, the 5G rollout has made significant strides, with extensive networks in urban areas and growing coverage in suburban and rural settings. However, achieving global, uniform 5G coverage remains an ongoing effort, marked by regional disparities due to various challenges like sparse coverage in rural...


Change is in the Air – 60 GHz Infrastructure is Boosted by Regulatory Reform

Posted 09/26/2017 by Neil Bullock

The 60 GHz band is ideal for infrastructure applications in urban environments and is a very cost-effective alternative to fiber deployment. So why are we not seeing 60 GHz nodes on every street corner? There are important changes coming in the regulations governing the use of the 60 GHz band which make this more likely in the near future.

60 GHz Infrastructure Approaches the Tipping Point

60 GHz Infrastructure Approaches the Tipping Point

Posted 04/26/2016 by Neil Bullock

Very high capacity, robustness to interference, short range (but just long enough!), license-free: these are the characteristics that make the 60 GHz band ideal for wireless networks in dense urban environments. So why has networking in the 60 GHz band not been widely adopted?

Shrinking the LTE small cell

Shrinking the LTE Small Cell and Wi-Fi Wireless Backhaul Footprint (or how to delight an urban planner)

Posted 11/19/2015 by Neil Bullock

Similar to real estate investment, the key to success in LTE small cell and Wi-Fi access point positioning is location, location and location! To get the greatest return on investment, mobile phone operators and Wi-Fi service providers must conduct a careful analysis of their network coverage and capacity to identify the best equipment placement location.

Humanity of OPEX Reduction

The Humanity of OPEX Reduction (or how not to fry an egg on a rooftop)

Posted 09/18/2015 by Neil Bullock

Over the summer, we’ve been testing implementations of a variety of outdoor backhaul link technologies, including our own. This testing process involved the set-up of links in a number of locations, including rooftops.