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Key Advantages of Choosing FPGAs Over MCUs

Posted 09/24/2021 by Jay Aggarwal

This Lattice blog will compare and contrast some of the key differences between FPGAs and their primary competition, microcontrollers (MCUs).


Distributed Heterogeneous Processing Opens New Applications for FPGAs

Posted 12/20/2016 by Abdullah Raouf

Increasingly lower cost sensors, the migration to higher performance I/O interfaces, and the demand for “always-on, always-aware” functionality all present new challenges for designers of battery-powered mobile devices. Engineers building everything from phones and drones to wearables and industrial equipment are facing the same problem. 

60 GHz at CES 2016

60 GHz Technology Makes Waves at CES 2016

Posted 02/03/2016 by Jean-Marc Laurent

In the depths of winter, with glitter from New Year celebrations still being cleaned off the streets, nearly 4,000 exhibitors descended upon Las Vegas. Starting your year with CES has become an annual rite of passage for consumer electronics companies, and with more than 20,000 products it looks like CES 2016 was another record setting show.