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  • Digital Front End (DFE) Demo


    Digital Front End (DFE) Demo

    Lattice DFE (Digital Front End) demonstration utilizing of CPRI (Common Public Radio Interface), DUC (Digital Up Converter) and CFR (Crest Factor Reduction).
    Digital Front End (DFE) Demo
  • JESD207 IP

    IP Core

    JESD207 IP

    Implements baseband (BB) side data and control plane paths to connect to a radio front-end (RF) transceiver device with integrated ADC and DAC.
    JESD207 IP
  • Digital Up/Down Converters

    Reference Design

    Digital Up/Down Converters

    Broadly applicable to various 4G standards such as LTE and Wimax. This reference design was specifically tested for a WiMAX configuration
    Digital Up/Down Converters
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