Digital Front End (DFE) Demo

Optimized for HetNet small cells and low power radios

Lattice DFE (Digital Front End) demo provides a digital solution consisting of CPRI (Common Public Radio Interface), DUC (Digital Up Converter) and CFR (Crest Factor Reduction) for 2 antenna, LTE (Long-Term Evolution) 2x2 MIMO (Multiple-Input, Multiple-Output) application. The demo design has been designed to work with the LatticeECP3 I/O Protocol Board.

DFE Demo Diagram

The demo uses Ethernet to transfer DFE stimulus and output data between a PC and the board. The stimulus and output data of DFE are stored in on-board DDR3 memory.


  • 2.45Gbps CPRI line rate: 2 x 20MHz LTE baseband signals
  • Input 20MHz LTE baseband signal bandwidth with 30.72Msps sample rate
  • Output data with 122.88Msps sample rate
  • DUC (Digital Up Conversion): two antennas, parallel processing
  • CFR (Crest Factor Reduction): two stages with total 10 clip engines with two antennas
  • DUC and CFR work frequency: 122.88MHz
  • Input signed 15-bit I/Q data
  • Output signed 16-bit I/Q data
  • Gigabit Ethernet connection
  • 500Mbps DDR3 data rate

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Quick Reference
DFE Demo User's Guide
UG68 1.0 9/1/2013 PDF 2.2 MB

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