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Presenting the Latest FPGA Technology Advancements at Embedded World 2023

Presenting the Latest FPGA Technology Advancements at Embedded World 2023
Posted 04/05/2023 by Erin Maiorino, Director of Content Marketing

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Embedded World is one of the tech industry’s largest tradeshows focusing on embedded systems ranging from hardware, systems, distribution, application software, and more. We’re excited to share with you the latest Lattice innovations we had on display at the show this year. From cutting-edge hardware to sophisticated software solutions, we collaborated with our ecosystem partners to showcase demos covering a wide range of applications, including Automotive, Industrial, and Security.

Embedded World 2023 Booth

In each demo, you’ll see expert engineers and developers explain the features and benefits of Lattice FPGAs and our software solution stacks. You’ll get a close-up look at the hardware and software in action, and learn how they can be used to solve real-world problems and create new opportunities.

Explore our Embedded World 2023 demos and discover the newest innovations in FPGA technology.

Embedded World 2023 Video Playlist

Lattice Avant™-E FPGAs, Optimized for Edge Processing Applications

Get a look at Tarantula, a real-time UltraHD imaging board using the powerful Lattice Avant-E mid-range FPGAs.

We showcased our newest Lattice sensAI solution stack update with an AI object and classification demo.

Promwad showcases their latest designs in automotive, telecom, industrial automation, and video streaming.

Lattice CrossLink™-NX FPGAs, Enabling Innovative Embedded Vision Solutions for the Edge

Arrow and Mas Elettronica use Lattice CrossLink-NX FPGAs to demonstrate MIPI DSI video streaming and dual CSI/LVDS remote 4K video streaming.

Citrobits demonstrates advanced video bridging and multi-sensor aggregation, providing a seamless experience for users.

Helion showcases their smart home video surveillance solution powered by Lattice CrossLink-NX running full ISP 1080p30.

Lattice Certus™-NX FPGAs, Optimized for Bridge and Processing Needs

Future Electronics show why Lattice is the low power FPGA leader by demonstrating single pair ethernet and video SoC RISC-V both based on Certus-NX.

Lattice CertusPro™-NX FPGAs, Enabling Customer Innovation

PQShield demonstrated their PQShield Sub-System on the advanced general purpose FPGA Lattice CertusPro-NX evaluation board.

Xiphera presents their post-quantum key exchange between a laptop and a Lattice FPGA using CRYSTALS-Kyber cryptosystem.

Lattice Sentry™ Solution Stack, Deploying Platform Firmware Resiliency (PFR) Root of Trust

Exor demonstrates their IoTC with connectivity and security features leveraging Lattice FPGAs and Sentry solution stack—providing a more secure and reliable way to connect and control devices.

Low Power Lattice FPGA Solutions Enabling RISC-V, PQC, and More

El Camino demonstrates the importance of design services and showcases their RISC-V controlled remote update using low power Lattice FPGAs.

Parretto demonstrates a variety of their compact, easy-to-use FPGA video solutions.

As you can see, whether its high-speed networking, AI acceleration, or advanced post-quantum cryptography (PQC), Lattice FPGAs provide high-performance solutions with low power consumption.

In addition to this robust demo showcase from the show floor, we announced solution stack updates for Lattice Automate™, Lattice sensAI, and Lattice ORAN™ and hosted a panel discussion to detail how these updates help application and system designers accelerate their development with easy-to-use tools, reference designs, and market specific modular platforms. If you missed it, please watch the on demand video here: “Accelerate Your Application Development with Solution Stacks.”

We also delved deeper into the latest trends in security around Post Quantum Cryptography (PQC) and cyber resilience. Tune in to our on-demand panel “Security Tends and Shift Left in Post Quantum Crypto” featuring industry thought leaders in secure IP and service and gain valuable insights on how the latest trends are impacting system designs.

To learn more about Lattice technologies and solutions, please visit our Lattice Semiconductor website, or contact us for more information.