Advanced General Purpose FPGA

10G SERDES at Lowest Power and Smallest Package – Up to 8 SERDES lanes supporting up to 10.3 Gbps per lane, in packages as small as 9x9 mm. Up to 4x lower power vs. similar FPGAs.

More On-chip Memory, and LPDDR4 Support – Up to 7.3 Mb of on-chip memory. Only FPGA in class with LPDDR4 support. LPDDR4, DDR3/3L, LPDDR2 supported at 1066 Mbps.

Built on Lattice Nexus platform – Class-leading power efficiency. Up to 100x higher reliability, due to 100x lower Soft Error Rate (SER) from 28 nm FD-SOI technology.



  • Up to 100K logic cells, 7.3 Mb of embedded memory blocks (EBR, LRAM), 156 18 x 18 multipliers, 299 programmable I/O, 8 SERDES supporting up to 10.3 Gbps per lane and supporting popular protocols (10 Gig Ethernet, PCIe Gen 3, DisplayPort, SLVS-EC and CoaXPress).
  • Packages as small as 9x9 mm, and in ball-pitch options of 0.5, 0.8 and 1.0 mm.
  • Power modes – User selectable Low Power vs. High Performance modes, enabled by FD-SOI programmable back-bias.
  • Design security – ECDSA bitstream authentication, coupled with robust AES-256 encryption.
  • Fast configuration – I/O configures in 4 ms, and full-device in under 30 ms in 100K LC device.

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Family Table

CertusPro-NX Device Selection Guide
Features LFCPNX-50 LFCPNX-100
Logic Cells 52K 96K
Embedded Memory (EBR) Bits (Kb) 1728
Large Memory (LRAM) Bits (Kb) 2048
18 X 18 Multipliers 96
ADC Blocks 2
PCIe Gen3 Hard IP 1
0.5 mm SERDES / Total I/O (Wide Range, High Performance, ADC Dedicated Inputs)

ASG256 (9 x 9 mm) 4 / 170 (TBD) 4 / 165 (75+84+6)
0.8 mm SERDES / Total I/O (Wide Range, High Performance, ADC Dedicated Inputs)

CBG256 (14 x 14 mm) 4 / 170 (TBD) 4 / 165 (75+84+6)
BBG484 (19 x 19 mm) 4 / 230 (TBD) 8 / 305 (167+132+6)
1.0 mm SERDES / Total I/O (Wide Range, High Performance, ADC Dedicated Inputs)

BFG484 (23 x 23 mm) 4 / 230 (TBD) 4 / 305 (167+132+6)
LFG672 (27 x 27 mm) 8 / 305 (167+132+6)

Example Solutions

Smart SFP+ Optical Module

  • Implement enhanced Ethernet functions (e.g., Ethernet demarcation, OAM processing, SLA monitoring, etc.)
  • Compact packages as small as 9x9 mm with 10 Gigabit Ethernet support and 100K Logic Cells
  • Class-leading power efficiency for simpler thermal management
  • Hardened 10 Gigabit Ethernet PCS blocks supporting 10GBASE-R at 10.3125 Gbps, and available Ethernet MAC IP

Control Plane Security and Hardware Management

  • Bridge CPU via PCIe to multiple control plane peripherals (I2C, UART, GPIO), board management functions, and 10GE control plane traffic
  • Security functions (e.g., encryption, authentication) implemented in FPGA helps secure control plane traffic
  • 10G SERDES supporting PCIe Gen 3 x4 (in hard IP) and 10 Gigabit Ethernet (with 10GBASE-R PCS in hard IP)
  • High system reliability and up-time due to 100x lower Soft Error Rate (SER) from FD-SOI technology
  • Fast FPGA configuration supports board management needs and PCIe boot-time requirements

Machine Vision

  • Vision processing and bridging for high performance SLVS-EC sensors
  • 10G SERDES supporting SLVS-EC sensor interface, 10 GigE Vision and CoaXPress
  • 9x9 mm small size package and class-leading power efficiency meets stringent requirements of space and thermal budget constrained camera modules
  • Up to 7.3 Mb on-chip memory for ISP and vision processing
  • LPDDR4 external memory support for optional frame buffering

Frame Grabber

  • Image acquisition, pre-processing and DMA over PCIe to host PC
  • 10G SERDES supporting 10 GigE Vision, CoaXPress and PCIe Gen 3 x4 (in hard IP)
  • Up to 7.3 Mb on-chip memory for video processing / tagging
  • LPDDR4 external memory support for optional frame buffering

Smart Camera AI Processing

  • Offload AI processing and ISP from SoC
  • Interface with popular image sensors over MIPI at up to 1.5 Gbps per lane, using High Performance IO (HPIO)
  • Up to 7.3 Mb on-chip memory and flexible DSP resources to efficiently perform AI processing and ISP
  • LPDDR4 external memory support for frame buffering
  • Flexible output over MIPI or PCIe to SoC to enable smart device with high quality imaging


CertusPro-NX: Power Consumption ComparisonExpand Image

CertusPro-NX: Power Consumption Comparison

See a competitive power consumption demo comparing the power consumption of a Lattice CertusPro-NX running a 10 Gbps SERDES design with two similar competing FPGAs.
CertusPro-NX: AI/ML Analytics DemonstrationExpand Image

CertusPro-NX: AI/ML Analytics Demonstration

This demonstration highlights the advanced smart vision analytics enabled by a Lattice CertusPro-NX FPGA’s high internal memory density and fast parallel processing architecture.
CertusPro-NX: Reliability ComparisonExpand Image

CertusPro-NX: Reliability Comparison

A leading cause of silicon malfunctions are single event upsets (SEUs) caused by radiation particle strikes. In this competitive demonstration, the reliability of Lattice CertusPro-NX FPGAs when exposed to a stream of alpha particles is compared with two similar competing devices.

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