Low power MIPI bridging solution with integrated flash

Instant-on Delivers Seamless Visual Experience – Ready to connect to image sensors and displays in less than 10 ms from device boot up.

Small Footprint, Low Power, High Performance – Small 3.5 mm x 3.5 mm BGA footprint, less than 100 mW operating power for many use cases, and 6 Gbps MIPI D-PHY video bandwidth.

Simplify Development with IP and Reference Designs – Examples demonstrating the most popular applications: signal aggregation, duplication, and splitting.


  • Instant-on (< 10 ms) configuration with integrated flash memory
  • Integrated flash enables flexible reprogramming in the field
  • Two 4-lane MIPI D-PHY transceivers at 6 Gbps per port
  • 11 programmable, source synchronous I/O pairs for camera and display interfacing
  • Available in small 3.5 mm x 3.5 mm BGA package with 0.4 mm pitch
  • Comprehensive library of IP and reference designs, compatible with CrossLink

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Family Table

CrossLinkPlus Device Selection Guide

Features LIF-MDF6000-64 LIF-MDF6000-80
LUTs 5936 5936
Embedded Memory (kbits) 180 180
Distributed RAM (kbits) 47 47
GPLL 1 1
Embedded I2C Blocks 2 2
Embedded RX/TX MIPI D-PHY 2 (8 Data + 2 Clock) 2 (8 Data + 2 Clock)
48 MHz Oscillator 1 1
10 KHz Oscillator 1 1
Configuration Memory Flash Flash
Dual Boot1 Yes Yes
Power Management Unit Yes Yes
Low Power Sleep Mode Yes Yes
Typical Operational Power 5 mW - 135 mW 5 mW - 135 mW
Footprint 3.5 mm x 3.5 mm 7.0 mm x 7.0 mm
Package Pitch 0.4 mm 0.65 mm
Programmable I/O 29 37

1. Dual Boot supported with external boot Flash


Display Interface Conversion Bridging

  • Convert to/from MIPI DSI, OpenLDI/LVDS, and RGB/CMOS
  • Support all data types and number of lanes
  • Support additional functions such as display and peripheral initialization, control and sequencing
  • Crop & scale video data to match special formatting needs

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Camera Interface Conversion Bridging

  • Convert to/from MIPI CSI-2, SubLVDS, LVDS, CMOS, HiSPi and other image sensor interfaces
  • Control frame and line readout controls for slave driven image sensors
  • Convert I2C to SPI for image sensor and peripheral control
  • Crop & scale video data to match special formatting needs

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ADAS Application

  • Bridge multiple CSI-2 image sensors into one single MIPI CSI-2 output for 360 degree camera application.
  • Camera input support from a variety of interfaces like CSI-2, LVDS, Sub-LVDS and LVCMOS.
  • Multiple camera interfaces supported to bridge to the Application Processor.
  • Stitch data together into larger horizontal video frame.

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