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  • The Lattice Partner Network offers a rich resource of partners having the right skills and expertise to help you get the most from your Lattice FPGA design. Use the selectors & links below to find a partner most suited to meet your needs for design services, IP portfolios, boards, product & software training and more. To discover more about our partners program, go to the Lattice Partner Network web page.

    If you would like to become one of our partners, click here to contact us directly.

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  • 35 Engineering

    35 Engineering

    35 ENGINEERING offers embedded system design. Expert Utilization of Lattice Semiconductor Devices. Experience “Inside” the Factory and intimate knowledge of Lattice allows us to innovate with you.
  • BLT


    ​​Founded by a pioneer in the FPGA/SoC industry, BLT is an engineering design services firm with a world class reputation for high-quality, on-time results. BLT thrives on solving problems the hardest design challenges. Their designs are in space, undersea, and everywhere in between.​
  • ​​DediProg​


    ​​A global IC programming solution provider since 2005, offers top-notch manual and automated IC programming devices for programmable ICs. DediProg serves worldwide EMS and automotive companies, maximizing efficiency and quality in programming Microcontroller, eMMC, UFS, and more.​
  • Elnec


    Elnec offers wide range of universal and specialized programmers to meet the requirements of engineering or manufacturing customers. Free technical support and free life-time software update are available. All device programmers use the same software and algorithms.
  • Logic Design Services, Inc.

    Logic Design Services, Inc.

    Logic Design Services, Inc. offers electrical engineering consulting services with a focus on HDL-based design and verification. Additional services, including system planning and architecture, tool-selection assistance and third party IP integration are also available.
  • ProMik


    ProMik specializes in providing advanced programming and testing solutions for Electronics Manufacturing. ProMik products are the preferred tools for flash programming in various tier-1 industries, including Automotive and Industrial suppliers.
  • Xeltek Inc.

    Xeltek Inc.

    Xeltek is a global leader in developing wide range of device programming tools dedicated to online/offline IC programming for chips such as NAND Flash memories, NOR Flash memories, microcontrollers, EPROM, EEPROM, PLD and other programmable devices.
  • Yellow Power Systems

    Yellow Power Systems

    Yellow Power Systems is a company that specializes in improving the power grid and how we use energy in our daily lives. Their solutions consist of highly efficient DC/AC converters and are all based on low-power Lattice FPGAs.
  • ​​Phyton, Inc.​

    ​​Phyton, Inc.​

    ​​Founded in 1993 in the State of New York, Phyton, Inc. Microsystems and Development Tools produces and markets worldwide universal device programmers. Phyton production in-system device programmers support more than 50000 flash memory devices, microcontrollers, and PLDs.​
  • Acroview


    ​​ACROVIEW, the world leader of IC programming solutions. Provides leading-edged data and security programming solutions for FPGA, CPLD, MCU, NOR/Nand Flash, eMMC, UFS, EEPROM, Anti-fuse and other programmable devices.​
  • Data I/O Corporation

    Data I/O Corporation

    Data I/O is the global leader in data programming and security provisioning solutions for microcontrollers, FPGAs, security ICs and memory devices. Customers of any size can program and securely provision devices from NPI all the way to high volume production.
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