MAS LIFCL Evaluation Board

Modular, flexible and easy to use CrossLink-NX FPGA LIFCL-17 development board from MAS Elettronica


5V USB power supply through Micro USB Connector and Auxiliary input connector

ON Board 128Mbit SPI FLASH for bit stream or general purpose use

Flexible I/O Voltage configuration. MIPI and LVDS voltage I/O configurable


  • 1x HARD CSI/DSI support 1 to 4x up to 4K 60fps
  • Dual PMOD connectors expansion headers available (single or dual usage) LVDS through display Port Connector
  • USB interface to the FPGA – The micro usb connector is wired directly into the FPGA. Just as a microprocessor can emulate UART or SPI using standard I/O pins the FPGA can do the same for USB
  • 2 x PMOD 3,3V connector or in multi-mode for standard accessories (VGA, HyperRam, HDMI).Use this section to enter your submission
  • 4x user defined LEDs and 2x user defined push buttons

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Board Photos

LIFCL Evaluation Board – Side View

LIFCL-Evaluation Board – Front View

LIFCL Evaluation Board – Optional expansion connector 1

LIFCL Evaluation Board – Optional expansion connector 2

Block Diagram

 MAS LIFCL Evaluation Board Block Diagram

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