LPTM21L Evaluation Board

The LPTM21L Evaluation Board is a versatile hardware platform for evaluating and designing with Platform Manager 2 devices (specifically with the LPTM21L100-Ball caBGA package). You can implement and debug your hardware management functions (power, thermal, and control plane management) and test them out with this board.

Boards Application - The board can function as either a Platform Manager 2 central controller (CC) or a Platform Manager 2 hardware expander (HE).

Programming and Power - The LPTM21L device on the board may be programmed using Lattice Diamond Programmer via an included USB Cable. Power for the board can also be provided from the included USB Cable.


  • LPTM21L (100-Ball caBGA Platform Manager 2 device)
  • FTDI USB support of JTAG and I2C
  • 35 User defined LEDs for sequence and status
  • Two Potentiometers and two temperature sensors
  • Thru-hole and SMD prototyping areas

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Kit Contents

  • LPTM21L Evaluation Board
  • USB Programming Cable
  • Quick Start Guide

Board Photos

Top View

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Bottom View

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Side View

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Ordering Information

  • Part Number: LPTM21L-EVN
  • Click here to find an authorized Lattice distributor near you
  • Click here to order now from the Lattice Online Store


标题 编号 版本 日期 格式 文件大小
LPTM21L Evaluation Board Quick Start Guide
QS064 1.0 12/30/2021 PDF 763 KB
LPTM21L Evaluation Board User Guide
FPGA-EB-02026 2.0 12/16/2021 PDF 4.3 MB
标题 编号 版本 日期 格式 文件大小
LPTM21L Evaluation Board Schematic
1.0 12/16/2021 PDF 123.5 KB
标题 编号 版本 日期 格式 文件大小
LPTM21L Evaluation Board - Project Files
1.0 12/16/2021 ZIP 12.6 MB
LPTM21L Evaluation Board - Demo Bitstream
1.0 12/16/2021 JED 340.3 KB


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