eUSB 3.1 FMC

Validate USB3.1 and USB2.0 functionality using eUSB 3.1 FMC board


FMC Connector – This board contains standard FMC (FPGA Mezzanine Card ) board interface.

Multiple USB 3.1 Type C connector - to validate the USB 3.1 Gen 1 and Gen 2 interface over transceiver lines. From two USB 2.0 compatible ports, one port is having the TI TUSB1002 re-driver and signal conditioner to boost the USB 3.1 signals. The board uses Microchip's USB3340 ULPI PHY to provide USB 2.0 backward compatibility.

Additional features - The board has on board power supply, user LEDs, jumpers and clock generator. The board can be connected to Host board using FMC connector to evaluate the USB interface.


  • Standard Board Interface – FMC (FPGA Mazzanine Connector)
  • Multiple USB 3.1 Type C connector
  • Jumpers - For configuring TUSB1002 (USB 3.1 Linear re-driver and signal conditioner)
  • Clock - 25 MHz clock oscillator with clock generator IC for USB 3.1 interface
  • Easy to evaluate various SLS’s USB IP cores