Lattice User Presence Awareness Kit

Computer Vision Based Low Power AI for Smart PCs

Low Power AI – Next generation notebooks and PCs are acquiring low power AI capabilities to enable longer battery life and improve modern standby modes. A number of sensors are considered for delivering these experiences, and computer vision delivers the most accurate experience at the lowest power envelope.

Making PCs Smarter – Lattice sensAI enables creating smart devices, aware of the user presence, privacy and security needs. The User Awareness Kit demonstrates how to enable entry and exit from low power modes of PCs based on the presence and departure of users. This saves valuable battery life and delivers the always-on and ready-to-use experience.

Flexible FPGA Architecture – Low power FPGAs such as iCE40 UltraPlus run AI workloads based on small neural network models taking advantage of the flexible FPGA resources and a customized CNN engine.


  • Ready-to-use kit that connects to PCs through a USB port
  • 1mW always-on processing enables the SoC to remain in low power in modern standby modes
  • Windows Application to showcase the experience is provided
  • The kit includes a low power image sensor
  • sensAI solution stack provides the ability to retrain and deploy the AI model
Lattice User Presence Awareness kit


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Lattice sensAI User Presence Awareness Kit Quick Start Guide
1.0 8/14/2020 PDF 1.2 MB
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让笔记本电脑重获 生机
WP0024C 1.0 7/1/2020 PDF 560.9 KB
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Lattice HPD Application
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