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CES 2018: Enter the Era of Intelligent Edge Devices

CES 2018
Posted 01/23/2018 by Elena Champion

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Were you impressed by the products and technologies showcased at CES 2018? This year’s event promised to “WHOA” attendees with new gadgets from industry giants and startups alike. From the slightly odd to the “where have you been all of my life” devices, this year’s CES focused on infusing intelligence into as many aspects of our lives as possible. And while the majority of the products showcased at the event could benefit from Lattice’s products, we wanted to narrow this blog down to 4 main trends that will impact your life in 2018 and beyond.

Trend #1: Smart Home & Smart City: The Need for Speed

Over the past few years, we have seen the emergence of intelligence inside the devices in our homes. From fridges that can see when you run out of milk and order it for you from your preferred retailer to home assistants that remind you about your anniversary that you almost forgot about- smart home technologies are spreading fast. But the benefits of IoT have spread beyond homes. From smart meters measuring pollution levels to traffic and surveillance cameras, smart cities were a huge topic at CES. And all of the experts agree: To enable these smart IoT devices at the edge, we need a robust and fast connectivity. While 5G is still in testing and development mode, a license-free, high-speed wireless solution is already here for network providers.

Smart Home & Smart City: The Need for Speed

Trend #2: AI: Everything you can do, I can do better

Artificial Intelligence: The topic dominating discussions and products. Maximizing machine vision, speech recognition, data processing and other key features in drones, robotics, smartphones and other consumer electronics would not be possible without a little sprinkle of AI. While there are some concerns about infusing decision-making abilities into devices, one can certainly see the many benefits they offer us. What is the benefit of a video security system for your home if it cannot distinguish between your pet and an intruder? Unless you enjoy seeing frequent notifications about your dog’s activities, AI will be necessary.

AI: Everything you can do, I can do better

Trend #3: Automotive: Back to the Future

Remember being excited about built-in GPS systems and back-up cameras? Well, the in-vehicle technologies for ADAS, autonomous driving and auto infotainment displayed at the show were impressive enough to earn CES the title of “one of the 10 best auto shows” by USA Today. From multi-display vehicles with face-recognition that locks to those without steering wheels and pedals; the future of automotive technology seems limitless. The technology expanded beyond personal vehicles to smart motorcycles and ‘air taxis’. While we may have to wait for some of those exciting features to make it into road-ready vehicles, the technology around the transportation sections is booming.

Automotive: Back to the Future

Trend #4: AR/VR/MR: Pick your reality

It’s been somewhat of a roller coaster ride in the ‘reality’ space. First, there was Augmented Reality (AR), then the gaming industry started to implement Virtual Reality (VR). Now we are seeing AR having a strong come back, as well as the introduction of Mixed Reality (MR). While the jury is still divided on which “reality” will make the most impact, they all can agree that a comfortable, untethered HMD is the way to go. Lattice offers many solutions to help you get the most of your experience.

 AR/VR/MR: Pick your reality

It’s fascinating how much innovation has occurred over the past year and where these technological advances are taking us. The products showcased at CES 2018 not only focused on simplifying life’s tasks but also amplifying our experiences. No matter which products you are interested in, the infusion of AI and machine learning into the various products promise to meet consumers’ high standards and expectations. We can’t wait for some of the products to make it into stores and ultimately, into our homes, cars, offices, and cities.