A compact open-sourced development board for the ECP5 FPGA.


Small Size – the board follows the Feather Board specification from Adafruit, enabling compatibility with other boards in this standard. This also keeps the board very small (22.86 x 50.8 mm or 0.9 x 2.0 in) and low-cost.

Includes DDR3 memory – while this board is tiny, it includes 1G bit of DDR3L memory on board – very useful for a wide variety of applications.

USB interface to the FPGA – The micro usb connector is wired directly into the FPGA. Just as a microprocessor can emulate UART or SPI using standard I/O pins the FPGA can do the same for USB. A pre-loaded DFU bootloader is included – no external programming hardware is required.


  • ECP5 FPGA: ECP5-25 in 285-ball csfBGA
  • DDR3L memory: 1G bit – 64M x 16
  • microUSB connection
  • 128 Mbit QSPI Flash – includes bootloader
  • microSD socket
  • Power from USB or optional battery-operation
Community Sourced

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