SLS I2C Master IP Core

Ease to use I2C Master IP Core with AHB-Lite Interface

SLS is distributing this IP core free of cost to showcase its IP Core capability. It can be easily integrated with Lattice Propel Builder.

Ease of use – It comes with ready to use HAL driver and reference design.

Less software intervention – Improved register architecture to minimize software intervention.


  • Programmable through AHB-Lite slave interface
  • Supports Standard mode as well as Fast mode
  • Supports multi-master operation
  • Supports SDA recovery via automatic clock generation
  • Filters on SDA and SCL to suppress noise spikes up to 50 ns

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Ordering Information

This is available free of cost to use in Lattice Radiant software. Please contact with subject [I2C Master IP Core for Lattice] to get setup package.