Lattice Sentry PLD Interface IP Core

C Software to Custom IP Interface for Platform Firmware Resiliency

The Lattice Semiconductor Customer PLD Interface IP implements a register interface, which is used by firmware to send and receive messages to and from the customer’s control PLD logic to request system control actions and check status. It also implements a simple mailbox-style message passing mechanism for two-way communication between firmware and the customer PLD Logic.

Extend and Customize Your PFR Design – Add your own custom RTL to a PFR design and control it by modifying the C software included with the Sentry Solutions Stack.

Send Messages between C Code and Your Custom IP – Enables customer IP integration with a Sentry PFR Root of Trust solution.

Tested and Fully Validated – This resilient IP is a pre-built security component which is part of the Lattice Sentry Platform Root of Trust solutions stack and is ready to be integrated with your custom IP.


  • Bidirectional mailbox mechanism for sending and receiving small (8-bit) messages from the customer PLD logic
  • Supports either AMBA 3 APB Protocol v1.0 or AHB-lite Protocol for CPU access
  • Supports MachXO2, MachXO3, MachXO3D, Mach-NX, Crosslink-NX and Certus-NX devices

Block Diagram

Ordering Information

License for this IP core is included with the following:

Family Part Number Description
MachXO3D SENTRY-PFR-XO3D-U Lattice Sentry PFR IP Package for MachXO3D - Single design License
MachXO3D SENTRY-PFR-XO3D-UT Lattice Sentry PFR IP Package for MachXO3D - Multi-Site License

You will also need the MachXO3D Encryption Security Block License to use key features of this IP in the Lattice Diamond software.

Family Part Number Description
MachXO3D SECURITY-XO3D-SW MachXO3D Encryption Security Block License


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Lattice Sentry PLD Interface IP Core - Lattice Propel Builder
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