PCIe Colorbar Demo for Lattice Nexus-based FPGAs

Video data transmitting between the Crosslink-NX FPGA and a host system

The PCIe Colorbar demo is intended to show video data transmitting capability between the Lattice Nexus FPGA and a host system. The application takes video frame data continuously from the FPGA and displays it in real time. The video frame being generated by the FPGA is in RGB16 format.

The demo shows the streaming performance of the Lattice PCI Express SERDES hardware and PCI Express Endpoint IP core.

PCI Express Colorbar Demo - Displays a series of moving colorbars by streaming the image data using DMA transfers from the FPGA to the host system.

DMA Support - an option provided by the Lattice PCIe soft IP to enable more efficient data transfer when endpoint is acting as initiator or master. This feature is only available when the AHB-Lite data interface is selected.

Image Resolution - set as 800 X 600 and is displayed on the screen at a frame rate of 60 frames per second. The image data per frame is 0.9 MB.

Application Software – developed using a layered architecture: GUI application, Driver API, Device Drivers and Device Hardware (FPGA Design).

Block Diagram


Quick Reference
Nexus Platform PCIe Colorbar Demo User Guide
FPGA-UG-02149 1.1 4/12/2022 PDF 2.8 MB
Crosslink-NX PCIe Bridge Board Colorbar Demo for Linux
1.0 1/29/2022 ZIP 69.4 MB
Crosslink-NX PCIe Bridge Board Colorbar Demo for Windows
1.0 1/29/2022 ZIP 67.3 MB

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