Image Signal Processing IP Cores Suite

ISP Pipeline for Sensor and Video data processing

With the landscape changing so rapidly for Image Sensors and with design requirements, Lattice low-power FPGAs offer an ideal platform for implementation of Image Signal Processing for a wide variety of sensors and video streams.

Lattice Design Group and partners also offer services for customization of ISP and complete system level designs for the Automotive, Medical, Industrial, Aerospace, Automotive and Consumer markets


  • ISP Suite includes these new IP Cores: Debayer, Automatic White Balance (AWB), and Color Correction
  • The new ISP IP cores support AXI-Stream for video data input and output and AXI-Lite for configuration
  • The new IP cores support 1, 2, and 4 pixels per clock
  • Legacy Lattice ISP IP cores include Gamma Corrector and Color Space Converter (CSC) 
  • The IP cores support multiple color spaces and variable color component widths

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Use Case Diagrams

With the Lattice ISP suite of IP Cores, a full ISP pipeline can be realized similar to the one shown in the below block diagram:

Lattice Image Signal Processing Reference Design Block Diagram

Block Diagrams

Automatic White Balance (AWB)

  • Performed mostly in Bayer domain, but it can also be done in RGB domain
  • A pixel-based operation that uses image statistics
  • Can process up to 16 bits per pixel (BPP) and 4 pixels per clock (PPC)

Color Correction Matrix (CCM)

  • A pixel-level operation not requiring any line buffers
  • Operation is done in the RGB domain
  • Linear mapping of the color components achieved using a 3x3 matrix


  • Process of interpolating and recreating the missing color components not captured by the sensor
  • Provides AXI4-Stream interfaces for the input and the output video streams
  • Can process up to 16 bits per pixel (BPP) and 4 pixels per clock (PPC)

Gamma Corrector

  • A widely parameterizable, multi-color plane gamma correction system
  • Can support almost any custom gamma correction requirement
  • Multiplies the input signal with the inverse of the display transfer function

Color Space Converter (CSC)

  • A one-to-one mapping from one color space to another color space
  • Used in many video/image compression and processing applications
  • Also used in video and image display systems including televisions, computer monitors, color printers, etc.

IP Configuration

To view the complete Resource Utilization of the Lattice ISP suite of IP Cores, click here to view the table.


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FPGA-IPUG-02214 1.1 12/5/2022 PDF 1.8 MB
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