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Lattice Taught Me How to Run – From Internship to Career

Lattice Taught Me How to Run – From Internship to Career
Posted 08/15/2017 by Alana Walker

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Lattice goes the distance to take care of its internal customers, its employees. Specifically, Lattice puts tremendous attention in the professional growth of its recent college graduates and supports their needs as they begin conquering the working world. By providing recent college grads with necessary training and exposure, Lattice is setting up its next generation of employees for success. It is easy nowadays to get lost in the sea of employees at larger corporations, where the ability to learn and explore other skills outside of your job description is extremely limited. However, Lattice takes advantage of its size by creating professionals that are well-rounded, diverse and experienced in tasks and projects beyond their core area of expertise.

My First Experience at Lattice

After interning for Lattice during the summer of 2016, I knew that I wanted to come back. My experience as an intern helped me realize my full potential by exposing me to various categories in my field of Corporate Marketing. It was not just the experience that had me itching to come back. My co-workers and teammates made Lattice feel like home. Everyone was a mentor and was willing to share their knowledge with me. Those personal and impactful experiences, along with my fascination of the tech industry, were the reasons I returned to Lattice after my graduation.

I think one of the most common experiences amongst recent college graduates is our tendency to settle for jobs, companies, and positions that might not necessarily be the best fit for us, because we see ourselves as the “little guy” or the rookie and lack the experience. Lattice went above and beyond to help me figure out where I wanted to take my career and how I wanted to take my first steps. Whether that determined if I would return to them or not, countless mentors of the company walked me through my options and supported me in the decisions I had made. Most importantly, they taught me not to settle and to keeping running head-on toward my career goals. As a recent college graduate, I was nervous and unsure about where my place was, but Lattice taught me how to run and how to constantly push forward.

Why I Wanted to Work for Lattice

At first, I assumed that most people fall in love with their summer internships, but was quick to learn that this was not the case with some of my friends, who interned at other companies. The tight sense of community I was feeling during my previous summer was one of the key factors why I wanted to return to Lattice. Looking back at my experience, Lattice took care of me and welcomed me with open arms. The willingness to stop and answer questions, or provide a helping hand, can be experienced throughout the entire company. Even if you are working in different departments, people are friendly and kind enough to make time for you.

Today, when I get to work, I am surrounded by professionals who are excited about my personal and professional growth. They are actively pushing me to become the better version of myself, by allowing me to apply everything I have learned in college into a real working environment, while providing me with the additional tools needed to succeed. Lattice adopts an environment that always allows you to continue moving and growing, by fully exposing you to all aspects of your field and guiding you through best practices. Lattice gave me the option to continue learning more in my field of marketing communications, while also allowing me to test out different marketing segments to find my perfect match. Because of this, I knew that I would never become stagnant and will always have something to keep me moving up.

I have an impact on Lattice. As a mid-sized company, not only does Lattice allow me to work and focus in areas that I desire, but they entrust me with ownership of projects. Experiencing how my work is making a difference both internally and externally is extremely satisfying and motivating. In larger companies, it is quite difficult to trace back how and where your work makes an impact or if it even makes it at all. As an employee, you are more motivated and determined to do your job right when you can see the direct results of your labor. At Lattice, I know that my work makes a difference, even at an entry level.

Lattice Semiconductor encourages teamwork, quality performance, risk taking, customer orientation, discipline, and results. However, the company doesn’t expect you to be born with the capabilities to take on these demanding tasks. Rather, they help you through your first steps by teaching you the basics. As an intern, I knew how to stand, but they taught me how to walk. Now, as an employee and recent college graduate, Lattice taught me how to run so I can sprint. Starting your career at Lattice will allow you to further your personal and professional growth in a community that trusts your abilities and allows you to leave a mark on the world.