Leap Electronic Co., Ltd.

Manufacturer of Universal IC Programmer and Automated Programming System

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Headquarters: Taipei, Taiwan

Since the establishment in 1980, LEAP Electronic has been a leading provider of electronics solutions globally, especially in the fields of manual/automated device programming/testing, offering universal IC programmers, manual programmers, automated programmers for NAND Flash, Nor Flash, Microcontroller, MCU, CPLD, FPGA, PLD, eMMC, eMCP, SRAM, IC testers, CPLD and FPGA trainers, Logic Analyzers, Surge Testers, and Customized Handlers. Also Leap has good relationship with IC design company e.g. AMD, ESMT, GIGADEVICE, INFINEON, MICROCHIP, MXIC, NUVOTON, REALTEK, RENESAS, ST, WINBOND, etc.

LEAP designed the first ever digital IC tester in Taiwan back in the early 80s, the first modularized gang programmer in the 90s and has since been a leader introducing newly developed products following the trend of electronics industry ahead of its competitors.

  • Leaper-56 is only a pocket size. Easy to carry and easy to use
  • All of our universal programmer is able to support 1.8V low-voltage device, even if 1.2V device can be supported
  • All of programming software based on user friendly UI. It is very easy to learn and use
  • Optional accessories of automated programming system can be matched in a variety of ways according to customer needs