EP501: NAND 闪存控制器

EP501 NAND闪存控制器提供了一个简单的接口,用于用户访问NAND闪存器件。典型的NAND闪存设备通过复杂的命令序列、地址、数据和确认协议进行访问。 EP501管理所有的硬件协议,并允许用户通过读取和写入EP501内的控制寄存器访问NAND闪存。

一个非常大容量的NAND闪存可以通过少量的控制寄存器进行访问。在系统的存储空间中,NAND Flash控制器只占用小部分,不会降低系统的性能。完整存储器带宽的控制器支持突发访问NAND闪存控制器。控制器的时序参数是完全可编程的,所以无论什么控制器的工作频率,都支持不同的存储器速度。


  • Supports up to 4 banks of NAND Flash devices.
  • Each bank contains up to 5 NAND Flash connected in parallel for a total of 20 NAND Flash devices.
  • Simple user interface designed for easy on-chip integration.
  • Options to provide PCI, AMBA AHB, PCMCIA, Cardbus or CompactFlash bus interface.
  • Large Flash memory space can be accessed using data and index register method.
  • Programmable access timing, NAND Flash size, data width and number of banks.
  • Supports large block and small block NAND Flash devices.
  • User has full access to spare data in NAND Flash device.
  • Optional single-bit correction double bit detection error correction code (ECC).
  • Option to apply ECC protection on per word or per page basis.
  • Error logging with ECC correction and detection.
  • Interrupt generation based on ECC error.
  • Designed for ASIC and FPGA implementations.
  • Fully static design with edge-triggered flip-flops.

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器件 利用率 性能
Slices 百分比
LFEC20 1036 11% 115 MHz
LFXP10 1036 21% 97 MHz
LFXP2-17E 1035 13% 111 MHz
LFE2-12E 1022 17% 115 MHz
LFSC3GA15E 1043 2% 150 MHz

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