LatticeMico32/DSP Development Board

The LatticeMico32/DSP Development Board for LatticeECP2 is designed to help users rapidly evaluate their microprocessor designs in hardware. The board is packed with features that help the designer get maximum value from the hardware evaluation process, including Flash memory for loading programs, DDR memory for instruction and data storage, optional LCD and keyboard interfaces and a variety of other peripheral interfaces including Ethernet, USB and RS232.

For development with the LatticeECP-33 (first generation LatticeECP FPGA).

Device Support

You will need the following software to use this board:

  • ispLEVER for design, fitting, place & route of Lattice programmable devices
  • ispVM to download your program to the LatticeECP2-50 FPGA
  • Optional: LatticeMico32 Development Tools for development with the LatticeMico32 microprocessor

Demonstration Programs

Click the "design files" link on the tab below for sample programming bitstreams for both the LatticeECP2 and MachXO devices used on this board.
For more information, check the sample programs included in the LatticeMico32 Development Tools.

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Kit Contents

  • LatticeMico32/DSP Development Board for LatticeECP2 featuring:
      • LatticeECP2-50 FPGA Device
      • Lattice MachXO-640 Device
      • DDR SODIMM socket (DDR1, 100-133MHz, 32-bit data bus)
      • 2x128 Mbit Flash + 2x4 Mbit SRAM
      • USB 2.0 Connector for programming
      • Flywire Connector for programming
      • 9-pin RS232 serial port
      • 15-pin VGA connector for 64 colors
      • Ethernet 10/100 M full/half duplex
      • Multiple USB connectors
      • Sigma Delta D/A converter
      • Expansion connector access to FPGA I/O
      • 12 x 12 FPGA prototype area
      • AC’97 Stereo Audio Codec with line input and output
      • Two SATA connectors with four LVDS signal pairs for high-speed data transfer
        (Note: Full SATA implementation is not supported)
      • LCD connector for character displays (LCD Panel not included)
      • 25 MHz oscillator
      • 7-segment display and various status LEDs, input switches, and 3x4 keypad
    • USB cable for device programming
    • AC Adapter (International plug/voltage)

Board Photos


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Ordering Information

  • Reference Number: LFE2-50E-D-EVN (RoHS Compliant)
  • This board is no longer available for purchase.
  • Information provided on this page is for reference purposes only.
  • Contact your local Lattice sales representative for further information.


Quick Reference
Information Resources
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LatticeMico32/DSP Development Board for LatticeECP2 Devices User's Guide
Contains description of components, and board schematics.
EB26 2.6 6/4/2009 PDF 1.9 MB
Select All
LatticeMico32 Tutorial
8.0 3/24/2010 PDF 1.5 MB
LatticeMico32 Tutorial for Diamond 2.0.1
2.0.1 10/2/2012 PDF 1.9 MB
Select All
Default programming bitstream for LatticeECP2 on LatticeMico32/DSP Board for ECP2
This is the default sample program (bitstream) for the LatticeECP2 Mico32/DSP Development Board
5/22/2013 BIT 1.1 MB
Default programming bitstream for MachXO device on LatticeMico32/DSP Board for ECP2
This is the default bitstream file for the MachXO device on the LatticeMico32/DSP Evaluation board for LatticeECP2. It is used to implement the on-board USB programming capability.
5/22/2013 JED 130.8 KB

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