Avant-E Evaluation Board

Prototyping Board featuring Mid-range FPGA for Edge Applications

The Lattice Semiconductor Avant-E Evaluation Board enables designers with rapid prototyping and testing their FPGA designs. It provides access to all I/O, as well as a wide range of memory options for faster prototyping and development.

The Avant-E Evaluation Board features the Avant-E FPGA in the LFG1156 package. The board can expand the usability of the Avant-E FPGA with FMC HPC, PMOD, and Raspberry PI connectors. Easy-to-use board resources like jumpers, LED indicators, push buttons and switches are available for user-defined applications.

On-board LPDDR4 – The Avant-E Evaluation Board uses Micron MT53E512M32D1NP-046 with 16Gb total density and 4266Mb/s data rate per pin.

On-board Boot Flash - Enables Single/Dual/Quad support with 512 Mb Serial Peripheral Interface (SPI) Flash and is powered up through the 3.3 V supply. The Flash device can be programmed with Radiant Programmer through the J3 header with the Lattice Programming Cable.

Raspberry PI Board GPIO Header - The Avant-E Evaluation Board provides a 40-pin receptacle, which is compatible with the GPIO header of Raspberry PI 2/3 serial models, or can be used for general purpose I/O.


  • General purpose Input/Output (GPIO) breakout with 2 FMC, PMOD, and Raspberry Pi
  • Total of 95 wide-range I/O and 468 high-speed differential I/O (234 pairs) extended
  • USB-B (Mini) connection for device programming
  • Two reference clock sources
  • Eight input DIP switches, four push buttons, eight green LEDs, eight red LEDs and three seven-segment LEDs for designer configuration

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Kit Contents

  • Avant-E Evaluation Board
  • 12 V AC/DC Adapter and International Plug Adapters
  • USB Cable for Programming via PC (USB-A to Mini-B)
  • Quick Start Guide with Lattice Radiant software download information

Board Photos

Top View with Default Jumper

Top View with No Jumper

Bottom View

Side View

Ordering Information

  • Ordering Part Number: LAV-E70-EVN
  • Click here to find an authorized Lattice distributor near you


Quick Reference
Technical Resources
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Avant-E Evaluation Board Rev B - User Guide and Schematics
FPGA-EB-02057 1.3 9/20/2023 PDF 2.4 MB
Avant-E Evaluation Board - Quick Start Guide
QS069 2.0 4/20/2023 PDF 4.9 MB
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Avant-E Evaluation Board - Schematics
7/19/2023 ZIP 1.5 MB
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Avant-E Evaluation Board - Layout
3/20/2023 BRD 18.2 MB
Avant-E Evaluation Board - Gerber Files
3/20/2023 ZIP 1.2 MB
Avant-E Evaluation Board - BOM
3/20/2023 XLSX 38.5 KB
Avant-E Evaluation Board - Complete Design Package
4/21/2023 ZIP 18.6 MB
Avant-E Evaluation Board Default Demo - Bitstream
12/5/2022 BIT 11.9 MB
Avant-E Evaluation Board Default Demo - Source Code
12/5/2022 ZIP 609.6 KB

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