Power Manager II

Integrated board power management functions for the forward thinking engineer

Power control, without the touch of a button – With Power Manager you can monitor and control up to 12 power supplies with unparalleled accuracy and speed, and respond to faults in <65 μs to protect on-board flash memory from corruption.

Reduce BOM costs– The easiest way to manage board-mounted power supplies – Power Manager II integrates hot-swap controllers, power supply OR’ing, sequencing, voltage monitoring, reset generation, trimming, margining, and more.

Design made simple – PAC-Designer software supports the Power Manager II family offering the convenience of design and verification of power sequencing and monitoring circuit using PC-based software – prior to uploading to the device.


  • Up to 12 differential voltage sensors with immunity to noise on ground plane
  • Voltage trimming to within 1%
  • Ruggedized CPLD with up to 48 macrocells for sequencing and supervisory signal logic
  • Large operating power supply range (3.3 V + 20% to 3.3 V -15%)
  • Up to 4 High-Voltage MOSFET Driver Outputs
  • Voltage Measurement with 10-bit ADC through I2C
  • Up to 8 On-chip DACs for Margining and Trimming

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Family Table

Power Manager II Application Cross Reference Guide

  ProcessorPM POWR607 POWR1014 POWR1014A POWR1220AT8
Board input (Primary) Supply Management Hot-swap
-48V Hot-swap   Check Mark Check Mark Check Mark Check Mark
+12/24V Hot Swap   Check Mark Check Mark Check Mark Check Mark
Power Feed To External Systems
-48V Supply Feed   Check Mark Check Mark Check Mark Check Mark
+12/24V Supply Feed   Check Mark Check Mark Check Mark Check Mark
Redundant Supply Selection
-48V Supply O R'ing   Check Mark Check Mark Check Mark Check Mark
+12/24V Supply O R'ing   Check Mark Check Mark Check Mark Check Mark
Payload (Secondary) Power Management
Supply Sequencing   Check Mark Check Mark Check Mark Check Mark
Voltage Supervision Check Mark Check Mark Check Mark Check Mark Check Mark
Reset Generation Check Mark Check Mark Check Mark Check Mark Check Mark
Watchdog Timer Check Mark Check Mark Check Mark Check Mark Check Mark
Voltage Measurement Using ADC       Check Mark Check Mark
Power Supply Voltage Trimming         Check Mark
Power Supply Margining         Check Mark

Lattice Automotive (AEC-Q100 qualified) ispPAC-POWR1014/A Device Selection Guide

  LA-POWR1014 LA-POWR1014A
Analog Input Pins 10 10
Programmable Comparators 20 20
Trip Point per input 368 368
Lowest Supply Voltage Monitored 0.7V 0.7V
Power-off Detection 75mV 75mV
CPLD Macrocells 24 24
Outputs 14 14
FET Drivers 2 2
ADC Resolution - 10 Bits
I2C Support - Yes
Operating Voltage 2.8V to 3.9V 2.8V to 3.9V
Package 48-Pin TQFP 48-Pin TQFP

Example Solutions

Avoid flash corruption by accurately monitoring up to 12 rails for faults

  • High precision analog fault detection circuitry is integrated with digital control logic (a PLD) in a single-chip
  • Monitor up to 12 rails for faults accurately, quickly issue flags and control board operation.
  • Prevent flash corruption by accurately monitoring all processor power supply rails. Respond to faults with a processor reset in under 16µs.

Save development time and effort by reusing a single-chip, scalable power management solution.

  • Enables scalability as the system bandwidth and power requirements grow from 4 to 12 rails in one chip.
  • Fine tune power supply sequencing without board modifications to enable reliable board start-up
  • Simulate the effects of different fault conditions using simple point-and-click software

Reduce system cost by implementing reliable hot-swap using lowest cost MOSFETs

  • Implement reliable, high-power hot-swap controller without using expensive big MOSFETs
  • Reduce the total number of MOSFETs required – and use smaller low-cost, conventional MOSFETs

Reduce cost by 50% through integration of reset generator, voltage monitor, and watchdog timer into a single Power Manager device.

  • Replace numerous single function ICs and discretes with one Power Manager device – significantly reducing board-space and cost.

Accurately adjust for brown-outs by quickly switching to back-up power in less than 16µs

  • Maintain power to small cells during brown-out
  • Ride through brown-out periods by automatically switching to a back up through fast, accurate voltage monitoring.

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