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Lattice Radiant Software: Full-featured Tool Suite for Edge Designs

Lattice Radiant Software
Posted 03/06/2018 by Choon-Hoe Yeoh

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We recently introduced our next generation FPGA design software: Lattice Radiant software. Embracing our corporate mission of enabling edge connectivity and computing designs, the Radiant software was specifically created for the development of edge applications. It is a full-featured FPGA design tool suite and yet simple to use. The radiant software aims to enable broad market, low-power embedded applications for the flagship iCE40 UltraPlus devices, the world’s smallest and lowest power FPGA with enhanced memory and DSP to enable always-on, distributed processing for IoT edge applications.

The Radiant software was architected from the ground up to enable a predictable design convergence with its complete unified design framework. This includes a unified database containing all design implementation steps, a set of consistent design constraints, as well as a unified timing analysis engine, which is used throughout the entire design implementation flow. It also supports industry standard Synopsys Design Constraint (SDC) for maximum interoperability. To enrich customer’s IP ecosystem support, latest industry standard IEEE1735 IP encryption will be supported.

User experience is another strong focus of Lattice’s next-generation FPGA design software. Radiant software features a redesigned user interface, which is simple, intuitive and efficient in every aspect of the operation. A new start page provides a simple entry point to your project. In terms of design constraint management, there are timing constraint editor and device constraint editor tools for convenient editing and viewing of all the logical and physical design limitations of your design. The integrated toolset environment within Radiant software significantly improves ease of design navigation and debugging, and includes a common messaging window with advanced filtering capabilities. Finally, the “one-click” design implementation simplifies operation by integrating execution, process toolbar, and the corresponding implementation report into a single window, bringing the overall ease of use to a whole new level.

Other productivity-improving features of Radiant software – the complete close-loop physical to logic design implementation cross probing capability, a silicon data-driven power calculator for accurate power analysis and estimation tool, as well as an industry competitive Reveal Hardware Debugger logic analyzer tool – will help to enable faster overall FPGA design closure.

Lattice Radiant software is now available for download from Lattice website at no cost. Get it today and start designing your ultra-low power edge applications better, faster and easier! Get a sneak peek of the tool by watching our video.