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My Summer at Lattice – An Intern’s Perspective

My Summer at Lattice – An Intern’s Perspective
Posted 08/30/2016 by Alana Walker

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Lattice Semiconductor has developed a dedicated summer internship program that meets the needs of any college student looking to develop skills in many different fields. The company provides college students majoring in different disciplines with a first glance into the corporate world, and offers a new path to those who are looking to branch out from past experiences.

The company holds this program to a high standard and expects interns to step-up to the plate in order to fully immerse themselves in a fast-paced, high-tech, and real-world experience. On my first day, I received my badge that also included Lattice’s core values. Little did I know that those core values like customer obsession, accountability, teamwork, speed, innovation and quality would shape mine and other interns’ experience.

Customer obsession focuses on both internal and external customers. The company values its internal customers, employees, by creating an environment that encourages growth and learning. All of the interns were treated with the same care and support as their full-time colleagues. When speaking with some fellow interns many have stated that, “Lattice never treats their interns as ‘just interns’. Our contribution is valued and the work that we do is visibly making a difference in the company.”

Lattice holds their employees and interns accountable. In meetings, interns are expected to engage and even lead in discussions. One R&D intern stated, “Lattice demands us to be proactive because things don’t happen on their own. You are responsible for making them happen. My manager is constantly active in providing me with the knowledge I need to do so.”

Teamwork is a valued aspect of work life and the internship program. Teamwork in the internship program allows different team members within a team to mentor and nurture college students who are interested in certain fields of tech and business. These teams are responsible for providing the company’s interns with a positive experience. During my stint as the Corporate Marketing intern, my team made the difference in what I gained from my internship. Every member, not just my mentor, played a role in my key takeaways and made every day in the office something to look forward to.

Speed is not just moving at a fast pace, but taking calculated risks to achieve that goal quickly. The internship program at Lattice is just that, college students finding their way and figuring out the optimum path to achieving the best results for their projects and journey. Moving at the same speed as your team made the months fly by and has increased the amount of knowledge that I gained tremendously.

As a tech company focusing on innovation, Lattice encourages their interns to adopt a state of mind that fosters ongoing “outside the box” thinking. One fellow intern stated, “I’ve heard from others that their internship experience consisted of learning on the sidelines only about their field and with no encouragement to contribute. Here they want you to contribute, be included, and grow in more than one field.” Lattice provides an environment that stimulates the minds and ideas of the future generation.

Lattice not only runs a quality intern program, but expects quality results for each employee. This mindset not only changed the way I approach my work life but also translates into my personal life and anything I will take on in the future.

After completing my internship, I now understand why Lattice prints their values on their badges. These values, behaviors and mindsets were more than prominent throughout my whole experience and are evident in creating results that pave the way for emerging innovators, entrepreneurs, and contributors to the workforce. Personally, I came into my Corporate Marketing internship with no prior knowledge or experience in my field and I’m leaving with confidence in the skills I have learned, and confidence to apply these skills in what lies ahead. If you want to really understand what it feels like to be part of a corporate world and want to get as much hands-on experience in the field you are interested in, I would highly recommend that you apply for an internship at Lattice.