Platform Manager

Centralize control functions with scalable power management

Revolutionary power management architecture – Easily manage up to 36 rails using distributed power sense and centralized controls. Slash time to market and debug time through fault logging.

Change your algorithm, not your board – Instead of reworking your PCB, simply reprogram your Platform Manager device to quickly handle design changes.

Don’t throttle the silicon – Platform Manager’s precision voltage scaling and VID features enable easy control of complex, power-hungry ASICs and SoCs.


  • Centralized power-up/down sequencing control and power supply sensing
  • Lower chip power dissipation using voltage scaling / VID
  • Precision voltage control (<10 mV accuracy) with closed-loop trimming
  • Capture voltage faults (primary cause) within 100 µs with 0.2% (typ) accuracy and store in on-chip flash
  • Quickly modify monitoring thresholds, sequence or timing… even when the system is in the field

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Family Table

Platform Manager Device Selector Guide

Parameters LPTM10-1247 LPTM10-12107
Analog Inputs - Single-Ended 5 0
Analog Inputs - Differential 7 12
Total Analog Inputs 12 12
Dedicated Open Drain Outputs 12 12
Dedicated Digital Inputs 4 4
Digital I/O 31 91
Total Digital I/O 47 107
Margin and Trim 6 8
MOSFET Driver Outputs 4 4
CPLD MacroCells 48 48
FPGA - LUT-s 640 640
Package 128-pin TQFP 208-ball ftBGA

Example Solutions

Reduce power and system operating cost by dynamically controlling power dissipation device by device.

  • Dynamic Power Dissipation Control through VID reduces the power consumption of ASICs and processors by more than 30%
  • Improve performance and add functionality to your board without increasing power requirements by controlling voltage using a simple code.
  • Eliminate the need for microcontroller and software to configure DC-to-DC converters.

Enhance board reliability and decrease debug time using robust fault logging.

  • Non Volatile Memory with Time Stamping lets you quickly pinpoint the primary fault even in complex systems with large numbers of supplies.
  • Log all faults as soon as they occur and capture the status of all power supplies. And reliably store the image directly in a flash memory.
  • Capture the primary cause of the board failure – make it possible to easily link flash corruption to a power failure

Reduce field maintenance costs through in-system programmable power management.

  • Reliably change power sequencing algorithms in the field while the system is running, using in-system programmability.
  • Back-up golden Image ensures fail-safe update of power management algorithms.
  • Eliminate the need to send out technicians for field upgrades.

Accurately adjust for brown-outs by quickly switching to back-up power in less than 16µs

  • Maintain power to small cells during brown-out
  • Ride through brown-out periods by automatically switching to a back up through fast, accurate voltage monitoring.

Reduce system cost by implementing reliable hot-swap using lowest cost MOSFETs

  • Implement reliable, high-power hot-swap controller without using expensive big MOSFETs
  • Reduce the total number of MOSFETs required – and use smaller low-cost, conventional MOSFETs

Save development time and effort by reusing a single-chip, scalable power management solution.

  • Enables scalability as the system bandwidth and power requirements grow from 12 to 36 rails in one chip.
  • Simplify power management design process by eliminating the need for partitioning the sequencing algorithms
  • Fine tune supply sequencing enabling reliable board power-up

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Quick Reference
Technical Resources
Information Resources
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Fail-Safe Sequencing During Field Upgrades with Platform Manager
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High-side Current Sensing Techniques for Power Manager Devices
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Interfacing the Trim Output of Power Manager II Devices to DC-DC Converters
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Programming the ispPAC-POWR1220AT8 in a JTAG Chain Using the ATDI Pin
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Scalable Centralized Power Management Source Files
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Scalable Centralized Power Management with Field Upgrade Support
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Stable Operation of DC-DC Converters with Power Manager Closed Loop Trim
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Using PAC-Designer's Power Manager Waveform Editor
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Using Power MOSFETs with Power/Platform Management Devices
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Using the HVOUT Simulator Utility to Estimate FET Ramp Times
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