Model 300 Desktop Programmer

Model 300 Desktop ProgrammerThe Lattice Model 300 programmer enables prototype programming of all Lattice programmable products with non-volatile elements (1.8V, 2.5V, 3.3V, and 5V programming voltages). For further details about supported devices, see the Model 300 datasheet.

Socket Adapter is required to provide the interface for a specific device/package. These are available separately. See the Lattice Socket Adapter Listing to determine which socket adapter is required for the device you wish to program. Please note that iCE Socket Adapters are not compatible with the Model 300 programmer.

An ispDOWNLOAD Programming Cable is included with every Model 300 programmer. This cable provides the interface between the Model 300 programmer and a PC running the ispVM System software.

The Model 300 programmer software interface is included in Lattice's ispVM System software. The Model 300 programmer is controlled entirely by the software (with the exception of programmer power and a set of calibration control switches). The user simply selects a device, device Vcc, and adapter configuration to program a target device.

Ordering Information

Model 300 Desktop Programmer: PDS4102-PM300N

To purchase, visit our online store.


Quick Reference
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Model 300 Programmer Data Sheet
Describes the specifications and operation of the Lattice Model 300 Desktop Programmer
2.8 12/12/2013 PDF 2.1 MB
ISP Engineering Kit, Model 100
2/1/2004 PDF 1.3 MB
Lattice Socket Products
Update listing of Smart Socket adapters.
FPGA-BR-02005 1.1 2/12/2024 PDF 961 KB
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Programming Cable - User Guide
Describes the features and recommended usage guidelines of Lattice ispDOWNLOAD Cables.
FPGA-UG-02042 26.6 12/19/2023 PDF 1001.7 KB

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