Socket Products for Desktop Programming

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Lattice Sockets are used for programming loose devices "off board". Sockets are available for all Lattice products which include non-volatile memory elements (Configuration Flash, NVCRAM, Security Keys, etc). Each individual socket product is generally designed for all densities of a device in a specific package type. For example, a single Socket Adapter - PN-FT256/LFXP2 - is used to program any LatticeXP2 FPGA device in the 256-ball ftBGA package.

Lattice Socket products are designed for low-volume, manual use in an engineering/lab environment. For high-volume automated programming solutions, visit our, visit our Third-Party Programming Support page.

A complete list of Lattice Socket Products is available for download here.

Please note that Lattice produces three classes of Socket products, which may require additional hardware as described below.

Smart Sockets

Smart SocketsLattice Smart Sockets are an all-in-one desktop programming solution for the latest Lattice products. The top of each Smart Socket includes a socket for the target device / package type. Smart Sockets require only a single connection to the PC for power and programming control. No other hardware is required. Programming is controlled with the Diamond Programmer software.

Model 300 Socket Adapters

Socket Adapters for Desktop ProgrammersThe Model 300 Desktop Programmer (available separately) can be used to program all Lattice product families except iCE. Each Model 300 Socket Adapter features an interface on the bottom to the standard 28-pin socket on the Model 300 programmer. The top of each Socket Adapter is specific to the target device / package type. Programming and power signals from the Model 300 programmer are routed to the appropriate device pins via the Socket Adapter.

A 28-pin converter is available for use of some Lattice Model 300 socket adapters with 3rd party desktop programming hardware. Contact 3rd party manufacturers for further information on using the 28-pin converter.

iCEprog Socket Adapters

iCE Socket Adapters attach to the top of an iCEprog Programmer. Power and programming signals from the iCEprog Programmer are routed to the appropriate device pins via the iCE Socket Adapter.


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Lattice Socket Products
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