LatticeMico System Development Tools

Jumpstart your design entry at a whole new level

Quickly build system connectivity and control – Use a rich library of pre-built components around your custom logic.

Throughput? Cost? You Choose – Choose the type of block interconnect that optimizes for cost or throughput and let the tool build it for you. You even have a choice of 32 or 8 bit processors.

Complete solution – Includes software drivers and Eclipse-based software development environment to quickly get your entire design up and running.

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LatticeMico System contains two integrated tools. One generates the HDL for a hardware system, and the other generates software that runs on it. You can add your own custom HDL to this hardware system. Because the tools are integrated, the software will be compatible with the hardware system – freeing you from many housekeeping tasks.

The hardware system is built from a rich library of components that are provided as open-source. This library includes both a 32-bit and an 8-bit microcontroller. Lattice's unique Open Source approach gives you complete design visibility, flexibility, and control.

If you include a processor in your system, you have a complete industry standard software development environment for code development and debug. The two tools are synchronized so, as an example, if you add another UART to your system, it is automatically made visible within the software application environment.

Quickly Add Control and Connectivity to Your Custom Logic

  • Use a rich library of components to quickly add a control plane to your custom logic. At system start, the control plane brings up the custom logic, monitors its operation, and communicates with the outside world.

Application Processor Inspired by You

  • Can't find the processor you need in the catalog? Need an unusual mix of UARTs and GPIOs? Need an application specific peripheral? Think you'll have to compromise? Nope.

Pile on the Peripherals

  • Expand the mix of peripherals on your existing processor by building a peripheral subsystem and connecting them on the board

Cost or Throughput? You Decide.

  • Components can be connected using a shared or point-to-point bus, enabling different cost and throughput architectures
  • Since the connectivity and arbitration is automatically built for you, it's easy to explore different architectures and try them out in your system

Leave the Housekeeping to Us

  • The tools synchronize your hardware and software development
  • Component drivers and peripheral memory map are all handled automatically
  • Integrated with industry-standard Eclipse-based software development flow

That’s Right. You Keep Control of Your Code

  • With open source, you know exactly what's going on
  • Lattice's innovative open source license gives you all the advantages of open source... without the risk of sharing your design.

Software Downloads & Documentation

Quick Reference
Information Resources
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LatticeMico Fault Logger
1.2 2/22/2016 PDF 193.7 KB
LatticeMico DMA Controller 3.3
3.3 6/16/2015 PDF 404.2 KB
LatticeMico Slave Passthrough 3.3
3.3 6/16/2015 PDF 80.6 KB
LatticeMico Dual Boot 1.0
1.0 6/16/2015 PDF 404.2 KB
LatticeMico SPI Flash 3.7
3.7 6/16/2015 PDF 234.8 KB
LatticeMico I2C Master from Open Cores 3.1
3.1 6/16/2015 PDF 228.5 KB
LatticeMico Dual-Port On-Chip Memory Controller 3.1
3.1 6/16/2015 PDF 738.2 KB
LatticeMico GPIO 3.5
3.5 6/16/2015 PDF 316.8 KB
LatticeMico Parallel Flash Controller 3.2
3.2 6/16/2015 PDF 250.2 KB
LatticeMico Embedded Function Block 1.6
1.6 6/16/2015 PDF 422.5 KB
LatticeMico SPI 3.1
3.1 6/16/2015 PDF 302.5 KB
LatticeMico Master Passthrough 3.3
3.3 6/16/2015 PDF 80.2 KB
LatticeMico SDRAM 3.9
3.9 6/16/2015 PDF 968.8 KB
LatticeMico Mutex 1.0
1.0 6/16/2015 PDF 112.3 KB
LatticeMico On-Chip Memory Controller
3.4 1/14/2015 PDF 187.8 KB
LatticeMico VID 1.1
1.1 6/16/2015 PDF 207.2 KB
LatticeMico Asynchronous SRAM Controller 3.3
3.3 6/16/2015 PDF 338 KB
LatticeMico PM Bus 1.0
1.0 6/16/2015 PDF 663 KB
LatticeMico Memory Passthrough 3.1
3.1 6/16/2015 PDF 80.5 KB
LatticeMico UART 3.8
3.8 6/16/2015 PDF 387.4 KB
LatticeMico Timer 3.1
3.1 6/16/2015 PDF 278 KB
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LatticeMico32 Migration Concerns Post ispLEVER 8.1 and Diamond 1.0
TN1221 11/5/2010 PDF 404.1 KB
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Clarity Designer User Manual
1.0 6/1/2019 PDF 955 KB
LatticeMico8 Developer User Guide
1.0 10/10/2017 PDF 3.2 MB
LatticeMico32 Processor Reference Manual 3.5
1.0 6/16/2015 PDF 903.8 KB
LatticeMico32 HW Developer User Guide
1.0 10/10/2017 PDF 1.4 MB
LatticeMico32/DSP Development Board for LatticeECP2 Devices User's Guide
Contains description of components, and board schematics.
EB26 2.6 6/4/2009 PDF 1.9 MB
LatticeMico32 SW Developer User Guide
1.0 10/10/2017 PDF 5 MB
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LatticeMico32 Product Brief
I0186 7/10/2012 PDF 1.2 MB
LatticeMico8 Product Brochure
i0177 7/10/2012 PDF 1.3 MB
Lattice Diamond Software Product Brief
Product Brochure for Lattice Diamond software.
I0207G Rev. 2 6/20/2019 PDF 1.9 MB
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LatticeMico System for Diamond Release Notes
1.0 10/10/2017 PDF 271.7 KB
Software Cable Support
2.0 7/16/2012 PDF 194.8 KB
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LatticeMico8 Tutorial 3.9
1.0 1/1/0001 PDF 5.5 MB
LatticeMico32 Tutorial 3.9
1.0 1/1/0001 PDF 7.8 MB
LatticeMico32 Tutorial
1.0 10/10/2017 PDF 7.8 MB
LatticeMico8 Tutorial
1.0 10/10/2017 PDF 5.5 MB
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The Challenges of Automotive Vision Systems Design
4/1/2007 PDF 341.5 KB

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