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Unlocking Enormous Potential for Next Generation Vehicles

Unlocking Enormous Potential for Next Generation Vehicles
Posted 02/03/2023 by Christian Mueller, System Architect, Automotive Segment Marketing

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The increasingly autonomous nature of vehicles is a major trending topic in the Automotive industry and, despite the challenges the industry faced during the pandemic, the disruptive technologies behind autonomous features have advanced dramatically in recent years. Earlier this year, McKinsey & Company issued a report on how advanced autonomous features in vehicles brings enormous growth potential not just for consumers or the manufacturers, but also to transform transportation and society at large.

This trend was very evident at Automotive World 2023, where Lattice joined other industry leaders to explore the latest innovations for the Automotive industry, including how Lattice technologies can help our customers innovate and accelerate their design development process.

Unlocking Enormous Potential for Next Generation Vehicles - Lattice Team

The Lattice booth showcased our latest demos across a wide array of automotive grade solutions for various in-vehicle applications powered by our low power FPGA technology. We collaborated with industry-leading partners to showcase demos ranging from In-Vehicle Infotainment domain, Electric/Electronic Architecture domain, development software, and attention tracking for Driver Monitor Systems. Below are details on these demos.

Lattice Avant™-E in Action

  • Lattice Avant-E FPGAs are the first devices based on the new Lattice Avant™ platform, which is purpose-built to bring the company’s power efficient architecture, small size, and performance leadership to mid-range FPGAs. The Lattice Avant-E FPGA family is designed to solve key customer challenges at the Edge, including Automotive applications. At Automotive World, we showcased our first Lattice Avant-E based evaluation board running a development kit.
    Unlocking Enormous Potential for Next Generation Vehicles - Lattice Avant-E

4K Scaler Solution

  • We had a Lattice CertusPro-NX FPGA demo of a 1080p 60 fields per second (FPS) video source routing over GPIO controlling the brightness of the backlight when the video is upscaled by the Parretto Video Scaler IP to a 2160p 60 FPS video. The demo is powered by the Parretto embedded DisplayPort TX IP and the full array backlight LED panel from Lincoln Technologies Solutions.
    Unlocking Enormous Potential for Next Generation Vehicles - 4K Scaler Solution

DisplayPort Video Streaming

  • We partnered with Bitec to show a low power Lattice CertusPro-NX FPGA plus Bitec DisplayPort TX and RX IP routing a video stream from a notebook to an external monitor.
    Unlocking Enormous Potential for Next Generation Vehicles - DisplayPort Video Streaming

Mirametrix Attention Tracking

  • Mirametrix solutions have proven success in the client PC space and at the show we demonstrated how this innovative technology can be applied into the Automotive domain. In this demo, the Mirametrix attention tracking platform is used in a driver monitoring system solution, offering a hardware agnostic solution both in terms of camera and compute platforms with a 3D head position, gaze, and other tracking capabilities while consuming a very low CPU load.
    Unlocking Enormous Potential for Next Generation Vehicles - Mirametrix

Zonal/Central Gateway Solution by GuardKnox

  • We recently announced a collaboration with GuardKnox on an integrated routing solution that uses GuardKnox's high-performance CommEngine™ running on Lattice's low power FPGA solutions to bolster the Automotive market with high speed and advanced connectivity solutions for vehicular functions. The solution offers ultra-low latency, high flexibility, CPU offloading, and deterministic delay with built-in security, which can help speed time to market on next-gen zonal gateway development for the E/E architecture behind these advanced applications.
    Unlocking Enormous Potential for Next Generation Vehicles - GuardKnox

Ultra-low Latency Video Compression Solution by intoPIX

  • An intoPIX demonstration used a 4K Monitor to show a split-screen view between an original 4K video with a video data rate of around 12 Gbps compared to the same video compressed with a video data rate of around 750 Mbps using intoPIX TicoRAW and TicoXS compression algorithms. Such a solution could enable Automotive customers to transport high resolution and high-quality video over existing vehicular ethernet networks.
    Unlocking Enormous Potential for Next Generation Vehicles - IntoPix

As vehicular digital content and control systems move to high definition, wireless communication, and multi-gigabit data speeds, the demand for the latest and most intelligent safety systems will only increase.

With a focus on compact, high-volume applications, Lattice’s devices are ideal for delivering flexible connectivity solutions that meet the quality, life cycle, and performance needs of Automotive systems.

To learn more about Lattice technologies and solutions in Automotive segment, please visit Lattice Automotive page, and reach out to the team here to see how we can partner together.