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A Better Mobile POS with Empathy and Lattice

A Better Mobile POS
Posted 06/20/2017 by Yoshihiro Nakamura, Director of Device Development at Empathy

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Portable, battery powered Point of Sale/Service (POS) devices were originally only used by delivery truck drivers. However, today’s fast-paced lifestyle and an ever-increasing focus on customer satisfaction have driven the proliferation of mobile POS devices into the hands of retail workers, restaurant servers, rental car agents, and many others. These new systems allow businesses to checkout customers whenever they are ready, wherever they are.

These unique use cases created a new set of requirements for POS devices, and subsequently new challenges for component suppliers. With sensitive cardholder information in the hands of the general workforce, rather than contained in a single encrypted database with restricted access, data security has become a big concern for many customers. Also, the real world in which these devices are used is messy. A mobile POS device needs to be waterproof, dust resistant and rugged. A restaurant worker handling food and drinks, for example, needs a device that can withstand spills and provide microbial protection.

The team at Empathy has taken all of these concerns and more into consideration when they created the EM08 Tablet, a connectorless mobile POS device that incorporates SiBEAM Snap wireless connector technology from Lattice. The EM08 is a lightweight, feature-rich enterprise tablet with integral card reader technology and an extremely compact footprint with an 8” display, making it the ideal device for applications that require flexibility and mobility. The biggest feature of this tablet is PCI-PTS certified for “on-glass” PIN entry. It supports not only magnetic cards, but also next-generation Tap-n-Go (NFC contactless) cards. By being more durable and lightweight, it became an ideal tablet for use indoors and outdoors. Also, it can cooperate with various types of external devices such as payment machines and on-vehicle equipment to provide more extensive usage. The device leverages the speed and low power consumption of Intel's Atom x7-Z8750 processor to deliver excellent performance over hours of mobile usage. It also incorporates the embedded lockdown manager features in Microsoft's Windows 10 operating system and offers connectorless enablement from Snap product. EM08 is also one of the most secure and manageable payment devices available today.

Secure POS

Mobile POS systems benefit both the consumer and the retailer. Retailers can collect valuable information about their customers, while customers are able to pay anywhere in the store, avoiding long lines associated with fixed location checkout counters. Unfortunately, cardholder information is a target of hackers. Unsecure consumer devices re-purposed as mobile POS systems have been highly vulnerable to data theft. One easy way to protect the information is to remove the microUSB or other connector ports from the device to prevent data extraction by hackers. With Snap technology, data is transferred wirelessly and securely from the POS device to the dock which is located in a fixed, safe location in the store. In addition to eliminating physical data extraction via USB ports, EM08 incorporates a number of proprietary security features to prevent remote intrusion and ensure their device is the securest portable payment and business management tool available.

Reliable and Robust POS

Mechanical USB connectors are typically a weak point in electronic devices. They are prone to damage that can render them unusable and they provide an open door for malware to be loaded onto the system as well as information to be extracted. USB connectors also allow external ESD sparks from human fingers into the system, which can damage internal circuitry. With Snap wireless technology, Empathy is able to design a robust and reliable connectorless system, which offers improved ESD protection and an elimination of mechanical weak points.

Environmentally Protected POS

Solid particle and liquid ingress protection (IP67) along with antimicrobial protection (JIS Z 2801, ISO 22196) demands are high with POS users. Empathy’s latest mobile POS solution leveraging Snap wireless technology supports all of these standards!

Delivering A Better Mobile POS

With the end user in mind, the team at Empathy has created their next-generation mobile POS to encompass everything a POS should be. Security, reliability, robustness, and mobility have all been included. EM08, along with the previous model, EM10 are the world’s first all–in-one devices with payment functions available in Japan, North America, the EU, Asia and soon in the Middle East. Check out Empathy's website to learn more about the EM08, as well as other innovative solutions offered.