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How is the TSALL pin used in the MachXO?

TSALL is a programmable IO which can be used to Tristate all IOs when asserted. To use TSALL in your design, instantiate the TSALL component as shown below:

TSALL Verilog HDL Example (MachXO)

TSALL VHDL Example (MachXO)
    component TSALL
        port( TSALL: in STD_ULOGIC );
    end component;
    -- Attributes for Synplify
    attribute syn_black_box: boolean ;
    attribute syn_black_box of TSALL: component is true;
    attribute syn_noprune: boolean ;
    attribute syn_noprune of TSALL: component is true;
    -- Attributes for Precision RTL
    attribute BLACK_BOX : boolean;
    attribute BLACK_BOX of TSALL: component is true;
    attribute DONT_TOUCH : boolean;
    attribute DONT_TOUCH of TSALL_INST: label is true;

    TSALL_INST: TSALL port map (TSALL=><global tristate sig>);