CertusPro-NX Versa Board

Connectivity Platform with SFP+ 10GbE port, LPDDR4 and PCIe Gen3

The Lattice Semiconductor CertusPro-NX Versa Board allows designers to design and develop solutions with the CertusPro-NX Field Programmable Gate Array (FPGA). The CertusPro-NX Versa Board supports several industry standards, providing engineers with a convenient platform for rapid prototyping and testing of their specific designs.

The CertusPro-NX Versa Board features the CertusPro-NX 100K FPGA which is built on Lattice Nexus™ FPGA platform using low power 28 nm FD-SOI technology. Along with the ability to support a wide range of industry standards such as MIPI, SFP+, 10 GbE, LPDDR4 and PCIe (Gen3), the CertusPro-NX FPGA based platform enables faster time to market and the ability to provide upgrades and enhancements throughout the product lifecycle by simply deploying new firmware.

Coming Soon
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