Lattice ORAN™ Control Demonstration

Implements Security Authentication, Encryption, and Decryption

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ORAN (Open Radio Access Network) is a nonproprietary version of the Radio Access Network (RAN) system that allows interoperation between cellular network and designed to connect virtually including machines, objects, and devices which implements higher multi-Gbps peak data speeds, ultra-low latency, more reliability, massive network capacity, increased availability, and a more uniform user experience to more users.

The Lattice ORAN Solution Stack demo shows the capabilities of the Lattice FPGA with soft IP’s to support fast packet encryption/decryption using either AES-CBC mode or AES-GCM mode.

Security - Provide packet authentication, encryption and decryption between the host CPU and Jedi-D1 over PCIe.

Protect Communication - Provide crypto-256 and Crypto-384 services with customers through software APIs to secure and protect data during communication.

Support SPDM protocol over MCTP - Enables efficient access to low-level security capabilities and operations. By using SPDM, management traffic inside the box over MCTP can be encrypted allowing management data inside the platform to be encrypted, like TLS/HTTPS encrypts traffic over the Internet.

Demo for AES,SHA and HMAC using SPI Flash – Support both AES, SHA, and HMAC for message integrity validation, as well as easy implementation, quick encryption, and decryption.

Block Diagram

Lattice ORAN™ Control Demonstration Block DIagram


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5G Lattice ORAN Solution Stack 1.0 - Documentation
FPGA-UG-02163 1.0 8/3/2022 PDF 5.6 MB

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