Avant-G Versa Board

Prototyping Board featuring Mid-range FPGA with 12.5G SERDES

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The Lattice Semiconductor Avant-G Versa Board allows designers to design and develop solutions with the most advanced bitstream security features such as Encryption (AES256-GCM), Authentication (ECC512, RSA4096), SHA3 for Post Quantum Crypto, PUF, tamper monitor, TRNG and Side-channel resistance. The Avant-G Versa Board supports several industry standards, providing engineers with a convenient platform for rapid prototyping and testing of their specific designs.

The board features the Avant-G 500 LC FPGA in a 1156-ball fcBGA package (LAV-AT-G70-3LFG1156I) with 12.5G SERDES, on-board LPDDR4, PCIe and majority of I/O bonded out to FMC+, PMOD, SMA and other connectors available for user-defined applications that allows designers to investigate and experiment with the features of the Avant family.

Leading Memory Interface Support – Avant-G Versa Board supports LPDDR4 up to 2400Mbps and ensures longevity of supply for rapid implementation of external memory interface.

Fastest soft error detect (SED) – The Board offers a modernized feature set for accelerated system design and fastest soft error detect (SED) to minimize error propagation and improve up-time and reliability.


  • Supports PCIe
  • Supports SPI for dual boot and Raspberry Pi 4 interface
  • Provides 1x 40GE port connected to a QSFP28 module cag
  • Provides 2x 10GE ports connected to SFP28 module cages
  • Supports USB 3.1 Gen1 interface for high-speed data and video through Cypress USB 3.1 bridge

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  • Ordering Part Number: LAV-G70-VERSA-EVN
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Avant-G/X Versa Board - User Guide
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