LatticeXP2 Brevia Development Kit

Note: This product is no longer available for purchase - it has been replaced by the new LatticeXP2 Brevia2 Development Kit. The The following information is provided for reference only.

The LatticeXP2 Brevia Development Kit is an easy-to-use, low-cost platform for evaluating and designing with LatticeXP2 FPGAs. The kit offers free design tools, reference designs, a small form-factor evaluation board, and a parallel programming cable. The evaluation board features a LFXP2-5E-6TN144C FPGA device, 2 Mbit SPI Flash, 1 Mbit SRAM memory, expansion headers, several LEDs, and user switches.

Using the preloaded Brevia system-on-chip (Brevia SoC) design provided with the development kit, you can now test within minutes SPI, UART and SRAM interfaces in addition to the 8-bit LatticeMico8 microcontroller. You can then build your own designs using the free downloadable source code for 28 reference designs, available in both VHDL and Verilog HDL formats. The easy-to-use Brevia Development Kit empowers designers to quickly build systems using readymade-blocks and implement them in less than an hour. The board also features parallel channels for JTAG programming and debugging from a host PC. The board can be controlled by a menu driven interface via terminal programs running on a host PC.

The Brevia Development Kit comes with a Lattice parallel port ispDOWNLOAD cable. If your PC does not have a parallel port connection (many new laptop PCs do not), you must purchase a Lattice USB ispDOWNLOAD cable, HW-USBN-2A. Please note that Lattice programming software does not operate with a 3rd party USB to parallel port adapter. Instead the USB ispDOWNLOAD Cable,HW-USBN-2A, should be used.

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Kit Contents

  • The LatticeXP2 Brevia Evaluation Board features the following:
    • LatticeXP2 FPGA: LFXP2-5E-6TN144C
    • 2 Mbit SPI Flash Memory
    • 1 Mbit SRAM
    • Programmed via a Parallel Port or Lattice USB Download Cable
      • Parallel Port ispDOWNLOAD Cable (Included with the Kit)
      • Lattice USB ispDOWNLOAD Cable (Part Number: HW-USBN-2A)
        Note: The USB ispDOWNLOAD Cable is not included with the kit
    • Serial RS-232 Interface
    • JTAG Interface
    • 2x20 and 2x5 Expansion Headers
    • Push buttons for General Purpose I/O and Reset
    • 4-bit DIP Switch for user-defined inputs
    • 8 Status LEDs for user-defined outputs
  • One Parallel Port ispDOWNLOAD Cable
  • One Serial RS-232 DB9 null modem Cable
  • AC Adapter
  • QuickSTART Guide

Ordering Information

  • No Longer Available.

This product has been replaced by the LatticeXP2 Brevia2 Development Kit


Quick Reference
Information Resources
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QS006 LatticeXP2 Brevia Development Kit QuickSTART Guide
5/21/2010 PDF 1.5 MB
EB53 LatticeXP2 Brevia Development Kit User's Guide
1.2 6/10/2010 PDF 3.3 MB
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LatticeXP2 FPGA Family Product Brief (Chinese)
I0192C 2.0 6/1/2010 PDF 1.8 MB
LatticeXP2 FPGA Family Product Brief
I0192 3.0 4/24/2012 PDF 2.4 MB
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LatticeXP2 Brevia SoC Demo - VHDL
1.0 6/10/2010 ZIP 2.5 MB
LatticeXP2 Brevia SoC Demo - Verilog
1.0 6/10/2010 ZIP 2.1 MB

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