LatticeECP2 Advanced Evaluation Board

The LatticeECP2 Advanced Evaluation Board provides a stable yet flexible platform designed to help the user quickly evaluate the performance of the LatticeECP2 FPGA or aid in development of custom designs. For more evaluation board options, see the LatticeECP2 Standard Evaluation Board.

Device Support

You will need the following software to use this board:

  • ispLEVER for design, fitting, place & route of Lattice programmable devices
  • PAC-Designer for design and configuration of PAC-POWR1220AT8 device
  • ispVM to download your program to the LatticeECP2 and/or on-board SPI-Flash memory

connects the LatticeECP2 Advanced board to the TI ADS6xxx EVM series available from TI. Follow the link to learn more, and download a hardware demo.

7:1 LVDS Video Demo & Kit

The Lattice 7:1 Video Demo Kit

Lattice-TI ADC Interface card

The Lattice-TI ADC Interface card

is a set of boards and cables that demonstrate the implementation of a 7:1 LVDS solution. This kit is intended to work with the 7:1 LVDS Video Interface Reference Design. Follow the links to learn more, or download the reference design and demo.

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Kit Contents

  • LatticeECP2 Advanced Evaluation Board featuring
    • LFE2-50E-6F672C FPGA Device
    • Dual DDR2 SODIMM memory sockets
    • 10/100/1G Ethernet PHY with RJ-45 interface
    • SPI4.2 Tx/Rx connectors (840Mbps)
    • RS232 Driver/Receiver
    • USB Transceiver
    • Character-based LCD panel interface
    • TI EMIF Interface Connector
    • On-board SPI-Flash configuration memory
    • Various LEDs, switches, connectors, headers, SMA connections for external clocking, and on-board power supply management with Lattice PAC-POWR1220AT8 Power Manager
  • ispDOWNLOAD cable for device programming
  • AC adapter (International wall plugs)

Board Photos

Top View

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Ordering Information

  • This product is no longer available for purchase. The information provided on this page is for reference purposes only.
  • Part Number: LFE2-50E-H-EVN (RoHS Compliant)
  • Note: LFE2-50E-H-EVN replaces LFE2-50E-H-EV which was not RoHS Compliant.
  • Contact your local Lattice sales representative for further information.


Quick Reference
Information Resources
Programming Cable User Guide
Describes the features and recommended usage guidelines of Lattice ispDOWNLOAD Cables.
FPGA-UG-02042 26.4 5/29/2020 PDF 1.4 MB
LatticeECP2 Advanced Evaluation Board User's Guide
Describes the features and functions of the LatticeECP2-Advanced Evaluation Board. Includes schematics.
EB23 01.6 1/13/2009 PDF 2 MB
Lattice TI ADC Demo User's Guide
Describes the Lattice-TI ADC demo. The demo code is available for download separately, titled: Demonstration Design for the Lattice-TI ADS6xxx Interface.
UG04 5/22/2013 PDF 609.6 KB
Wireless Solutions Brochure
I0197 3.0 8/14/2012 PDF 2 MB
Lattice HetNet Solutions Brochure
I0234 1.0 11/12/2013 PDF 2.2 MB
LatticeMico32 Tutorial
8.0 3/24/2010 PDF 1.5 MB
LatticeMico32 Tutorial for Diamond 2.0.1
2.0.1 10/2/2012 PDF 1.9 MB
Sample Design for LatticeECP2 Advanced Evaluation Board
This is a sample program for the LatticeECP2 Advanced board. Description of the program's operation is included in the readme.txt file.
8/24/2007 ZIP 53.5 KB

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